10 most funny things to do in jaipur


10 Funny Things To Do

Jaipur shares a special place in everyone’s heart which is filled with never imagining experiences and the beautiful moments sprinkled with the Rajasthani culture and values. The people who are associated deeply with the traditions of the city are somewhere takes it as their responsibility to carry forward the same values forward so as to maintain the share of pride and honour of the city always and after. Let’s discuss about the 10 funny things that one can do in Jaipur.

Elephant RideRide On Elephant

Elephant rides specially on the way to amber fort is way to fun where people can experience the ride on this vast animal which is not only considered just as an animal but shares the glimpse of respect and pride just s almighty.

Camel Ride

Ride On Camel

With the name of rajasthan, the first thing that comes in mind is the camel riding. One can enjoy their tour with the fun of riding onto camel which is a different and unique ride. While camel riding, people experience the motion not only with the camel but along with their body.

Pagdi (Turban)Wearing Pagdi And Enjoying The Hukaah

Rajasthani people are more likely to make hukkahs and pervert smoke from the water and the flavour. People can wear the pagdi on their head and enjoy the smell and essence of hukkah along with it.

Dhoti KurtaWearing The Rajasthani Apparels

Rajasthani clothes which comprises of the dhoti kurta, odhani and lancha are most important apparel and shares the important meaning and value in the state. So you an have fun trying the complete new apparels and perverting a totally different look.

KalbeliaPerforming kalbelia

Kalbelia is one important dance form in jaipur. Women can perform kalbelia dance forms to engage in the fun of jaipur and men can involve themselves by playing snake instrument and chasing women when they are perfoming.

GhoomarPerforming ghoomar

Ghoomar dance form is full of beauty and respectful tradition in which women pours themselves with long ghungat and perform dance dedicated to their husbands. Tourists can get involve in the same dance form and experience the typical tradition of rajasthan.

IktaraPlaying iktara

iktara is a musical instrument which is played with the help of a wooden stick and a musical string. Tourists can have fun by experiencing the new form of music by playing iktara.


Tracing mehndiTracing Mehnd

Mehndi plays an important role when celebrating rajasthani festivals. It helps in reporting how much your husband loves you. If the color of the mehndi comes out to be dark, it means you are loved by your husband eternally. One can have fun by pouring mehndi on their hands and test their love.

KiteFlying Kite

Maker sakranti in jaipur is celebrated with great joy and happiness. Every one flies kite in the high sky and shares the moment of togetherness and liveliness. Flying kites can help one to engage in the fun in the city.

Speaking Rajasthani Language

Rajasthani language plays an important value in the rich heritage of rajasthan. Easy to understand, this language is a very soft spoken language and can win hearts of other people. Learning the language and engaging in dialogues with local people with the Rajasthan language is one way to have fun.

All these activities help in engaging with true fun which can only be experiences in the region of jaipur only. One can capture such fun and take it with them with their hearts as a sweet memory. Jaipur is filled with all such fun which can be experiences every second of travelling and engage in the same category of pride and honour for the state and the nation.

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