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Sports assisting in the development of the body

In today's fast paced life, both father and mother are busy in their lives. So the children have nothing better to do than watch TV or play computer games. They keep watching TV the whole day. Then they are told by their parents not to watch too much TV as they would ruin their eyes. The children then have only one reply. What to do? What to play, where to go? Sitting in one place, the body starts accumulating flesh. And children become victims of fat at a very young age. Their body does not develop to its optimum as a result of this. There are some games which can play that produce energy and which help the circulation of blood in the body.

Skipping Rope : Skipping Rope is one of the best exercises for the body. This helps in keeping the body flexible. The organs develop well. And this is also helpful in increasing the height of a person. This gives the person extra energy that a body requires.

Three Legged Race : This sport requires two people. One person's right leg and the other person's left leg is tied together with a rope. Then both the people hold each other by their waists and run together. This helps in keeping balance and the legs are exercised.

Playing with Stones : This game increases concentration. Five stones are taken. Four are placed on the floor and the fifth is kept in hand. The other four are to be picked one by one while flinging the fifth stone in the air. Then in the next round, two stones are to be picked at one go while flinging the stone in the air, then three stones and finally, all four stones all at once. The hands are made into various shapes and the stones are picked with these shapes of the hands. This game is very entertaining and can be played for hours.

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