Reasons for Planning Trip to Jaipur

The ‘Pink City' of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is a major tourist destination of the country, with its grand Rajput palaces, forts, cultural ethnicity, princely ambience and amazing colorful markets, scattered everywhere around. In Jaipur, you get to see a very bright and lively picture of an Indian city, and the hospitality of the city will provide you a comfortable vacation as well.

The colorful old city which is painted Pink is the reason of the alternate of Jaipur i.e. Pink City. This makes the city look more beautiful and let the people attract to the perfect combination of the city with colour because of which the city is also knows as the city mixed with the perfection of geometry and colours. Jaipur embraces a royal past drenched completely in extravagance. The city possesses many lavish palaces clutching several legends, enchanting travelers. The city is popular for its monuments, palaces, temples and gardens. All these places are the specimens of the erstwhile era, where once lived the royalty with complete power.

The art and craft of Jaipur is renowned within and outside the country. The alluring paintings portray the luxurious zeal that the city’s culture embraces. The colorful yet pleasing costumes and jewelry of Jaipur are constantly in demand. Vivid and enchanting puppets of Jaipur are known round the world. Still, there are few gems of Jaipur which put it up bright on the world horizon. The Jaipur Foot, Palace on Wheels, and the renowned Raj Mandir Cinema Hall are few of the solitaires of the city.

Jaipur Foot as the prosthetic foot from Jaipur is renowned for its low-cost and reliability. The development of Jaipur Foot proved to be a remarkable achievement. A fatigue machine that was constructed in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, tested the Jaipur Foot. It was developed in the year 1968, and since then has benefitted many amputees. According to a research done by MIT, Jaipur Foot has already helped 900,000 amputees till now. Jaipur, which plays regular host to the Putul Yatra puppet carnival, has a large number of enthusiasts. The local Kathputli form, using small wooden dolls on strings, has been around for a thousand years, conveying moral messages and exploring social issues

Jaipur has drastically changed from what it used to look five years back. The process is still on. Ranked as third amongst major cities of the country, Jaipur is fast emerging as a developed metro city of the future. The lifestyle of people here has increased to world class levels. The employment boom has provided a haven for the youth to carve out a niche for themselves. This has been augmented with easy possibilities of all necessary resources to sustain a living with a touch of class.

When you’ve finished exploring the deep corners of Jaipur at street level, get an awesome overview of the whole city by taking a balloon ride. This new way to see the Pink City comes at

a price – around $300 for a one hour trip – but with views to the Aravalli mountains and the desert, it’s the perfect way to end your Jaipur jamboree.

The places like choki dhaani and aapdho rajasthan, people can share the glimpse of colourful Rajasthan and its rich culture by different dance forms, apparels, cuisine which can be found at one place without compromising with the quality and value of customs.

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