A Proud Jaipurian with longest Moustache in the globe!!!

Royal Rajasthan is a prosperous amalgamation of colors, traditions, celebrations, and cultures. For some people, it is the celebrations that exert a pull on them towards the state and whereas others visit Rajasthan for its regal magnificence. There are some unique rudiments that differentiate or spotlight Rajasthan on world field. During prehistoric times, a moustache was a proud element among Indian men. It was considered as a man thing.’

A proud Jaipurite, Mr. Ram Singh Chauhan, whose accomplishment has been acknowledged by the “Guinness Book of World Records”. Still, it is enlightening his achievement. Regardless of numerous competitors to his identify, he has won. Today, you are going to read about an unbelievable man who bestows great self-importance to his “amazingly-long” moustache. In recent times, with an unanticipated innovation by the “Guinness Book of World Records”, Rajasthan has entered to the attention all over the world. The unearthing is a man with an unbelievably long moustache.

Mr. Ram Singh Chauhan has a 14-ft long moustache that has made him to imprint his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Ram Singh Chauhan, the 58-year old Rajasthani lives in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Chauhan displays the moustache with no uncertainty and illustrates it as the most esteemed treasure.

Voyage to the Guinness Book of World Records:

Chauhan, from Jaipur declares his moustache as his ‘most award-winning treasure. He literally has spent an implausible 32 years for growing his moustache. He also spends 2 hours a day to groom his long moustache. The edifice of the world famous Taj Mahal, was accomplished within 22 years (from 1632 to 1653 AD). But, for Ram Singh Chauhan it took almost 32 years to grow his 14 feet long super-long moustache with a few beards. He says that cultivating his moustache was like raising a baby. He also admits that he has never even trimmed or shaved his moustache from the time when he begun to grow it in the year 1970.

In olden India, moustache was considered to be a manly uniqueness, manly appearance and joint smugness of the men in Rajasthan. Chauhan says that his moustache gets him the complete attention and deference in community where on earth he is in. Voyagers and visitors would like to take photographs with him alwayas. Chauhan says that he never was hesitant about his extensive moustache which had bestowed him a cameo role for him in a movie called Octopussy (released in 1983), starred by James Bond.

Chauhan began to grow his long moustache when he was in his late teens. He says that he had never used a shaving blade on his moustache, or had never trimmed them from the year 1970. Overall, Chauhan considers his moustache as a symbol of pride and admiration.

So, are you ready to take a picture with this long moustache man during your forthcoming or subsequent expedition to Jaipur?

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