Lehariya, The Vivacious shades from Rajasthan

With the commencement of monsoon, the barren land of Rajasthan gets prospered with green bed of flora, abundant festivals, carnivals and a different wave of shade, that is to say, Leharia, which is worn by every second person in this season of spring. Lehariya (zigzag pattern of unbalanced color stripes) is a long-established style of tie dye used in Rajasthan that ends up in brilliantly shaded cloth with idiosyncratic patterns for an animated appearance. The technique has received its name from the Rajasthani word for wave as the dyeing technique is repeatedly used to create complex wave patterns. When the experienced hands of conventional Lehariya craftsmen reach work, they are able to offer us a stylish combo of striped patterns that can be used as an attire or accessory.

Lehariya artwork results in oblique patterns, which present an artistic appearance to the piece of clothing. Lehariya looks really imperial when it is done on a stylish white background. Lehariya has become tremendously well-liked as part of high-end Asian fashion owing to its complicated work, stroke of tradition, and glamour touch. The longer this process takes, the more eye-catching your outfit is! You can match it with a few junk jewelry and you are all set to look nothing short of the word dazzling!!

Traders in different lehariya-manufacturing centers of Rajasthan like Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur also form turbans in fascinating patterns and colors. The well known Lehariya of Rajasthan is an illustrative chant of the stream of water simultaneously carefully displaying the rock bottom of indigo after multiple dyeing and mud-resistant processes. No wonder that the blues in Lehariya create a center of attention to the eyes impulsively. Hence, what is the thing that keeps you at bay? Just move forward and purchase some multicolored and vivacious Lehariya for yourself or your dear ones back home. Lehariya is accessible at most of the Saree and customary wear shops all over Rajasthan.

Lehariya Sarees:

A vivid display of Rajasthani art, Lehariya is an undulating pattern of the tie & dye technique. This dazzling art is truly well liked with the chiffon group in Rajasthan. It consists of forming undulating, graceful patterns in multi colors. A 2-step process, tie & dye involve tying the cloth and immersing it in your proffered colors, which results in ground-breaking artwork pattern called Lehariya. Some people understand that conventionally, lehariya has 5 colours, which is a symbol of the Rajasthani system of shades.

The experts of traditional Lehariya craftsmen offer people a well-designed combo of striped patterns that can be employed as a clothing or ornament. Leheriya artwork results in oblique patterns, which bestows an artistic appearence to the garment. Lehariya appears to be a truly imperial one when it is created on a stylish white milieu. Altering fashion trends have compelled Lehariya artwork to become pioneering. Hence, nowadays, the spotlight is not so much on conventional patterns. As an alternative, artists are fruitfully testing with innovative techniques to form different patterns like dyed stripes or identical zari artwork that increase the stylishness of the material. Lehariya artwork offers an pioneering look to the sarees with its elaborate labyrinth of patterns, which shall be diagonal, horizontal or both!

Lehariya has turn out to be exceptionally popular as element of high-end Asian trend owing to its obscure work, hint of tradition, and glamour appeal. The prolonging of the process will make your attire more stunning! Lehariya dupattas are mainly in trend and are being worn with suits and denims. As the younger generation persists to be a insatiable admirer of the artwork, the ancient technique of tie & dye has become to its name and has continued to form waves in the embryonic fashion souk.

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