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Legends of Jaipur Cinema

Over the past few years’ multiplexes have emerged as a new trend in metro cities. The single screen cinema is losing its popularity. Due to the fact many of the single screen cinemas are offering C grade films and catering only to a small group. Otherwise they are screening very old films because they have stop investing in the new ones. Many of them have shut down or about to close their business, one by one.

What may be the reason behind this; lets have a look on some points

Do you know what happened to the single screen cinema halls of Jaipur? Many of them have closed and few are still surviving and competing with the multiplexes. Let’s have a round on those legends of Jaipur’s cinema halls, which have lost their identity or were shut down as they were thrown out of the race due to multiplexes or for some other reason.

Ram Prakash : Ram Prakash, at Chandi Ki Taksal, was the first theatre to be built in Jaipur. It was built in 1879 by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II. Originally Ram Prakash was not a cinema hall but it was a theatre where plays from around the country were conducted. After many years it was sold to a private owner, Ram Prakash was closed down and its ownership disputed by the government. Since then this old and gold cinema hall is lying dead.

Gem Cinema : Situated outside Sanganeri Gate, has been shut down. Its entire building is intact and it is not been used for any other purpose.

Man Prakash : Manprakash was located near Police Memorial outside Ajmeri Gate. This cinema hall has been entirely converted into a shopping complex, which is owned by Golcha group. The architects have given it a heritage look to its exterior. Now there is no sign of the old Manprakash cinema.

Amber Cinema : This was situated at Sansar Chandra Road and it is converted into a shopping complex.

Mayur Cinema : Mayur Cinema was located in Nehru Bazar, it has been converted into a shopping mall.

Mayank Cinema : Mayank Cinema is located outside chandpole at the end of station road, which connects to the chandpole circle. This cinema hall has been closed and not been used for any purpose. The last movie which I enjoyed there was the James Bond classic ‘The Golden Eye’.

Prem Prakash : To most of them it would be a difficult one to recognize Prem Prakash. Ya, because it has been renamed as Golcha and has been renovated and converted into a 3 screen cinema hall from single screen.

Polovictory : There was a time when Polovictory was popular for screening only the C grade films. Some years before it was entirely renovated. And now the image of this cinema hall has become neat and clean.

Shalimar : Shalimar cinema has been converted into Shalimar Complex and it is situated at Ajmer Road ahead Hathroi Fort. Many financial institutions, banks etc. are being operated at Shalimar Complex.

Moti Mahal : When you way down straight towards collectorate from M.I. Road, you may find this chocolaty beautifully designed cinema hall. It has been closed and is lying as it was.

These are some Legends of Jaipur Cinema.

By : Ashwani Bagga

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