Jalmahal Returns

Jalmahal in Amber Valley

It is been evident to the residents of Pink City that Rajasthan High Court has released orders on 17th May 2012 to retain the heritage look of Jalmahal. Also the lease has been cancelled which stated that the precious part of the Jalmahal’s land would be allotted to a private firm for 99 years on an annual terms of Rs 2.50 crores.

Being a resident of Jaipur, I whole heartedly feel that any organization, body or govt. has no right to allow any company or firm to modify or play with the heritage of the city. This entire project owned by a private firm who was planning to develop luxury hotel on the precious property. It all happened in order to provide huge profit to the firm through form of rebates at several phases to bring the project into action. But, the people of Jaipur did not stand quiet and did not keep our eyes closed. This is the outcome of protest from the mass and other organization. Thanks a lot to the efforts put in altogether to save our own property.

According to the imagery published in a local daily newspaper of Jaipur, the total lake area of Jalmahal had been reduced down. Earlier it used to touch the road called Ramgarh Mod.

Why the govt. does not realize the fact that such decisions allow a small group of people to utilize the resources which are not meant for such purpose. The officials and politicians would feel happy to warm up their pockets and earn for their lifetime, but its aftermath would cause the residents of the city to suffer. Even people are already suffering and paying for it in the form of scarcity of water, the vital resource of life.

Tampering the ancient architecture or hampering the heritage has already shown people of Jaipur and there is no water left anywhere. Even if it rains a little, the roads get flooded but its huge conservation system does not respond. Amber Pond, Talkatora, Ramgarh Dam and other useful resources remains dry always. Just because the water harvesting system of the city has been ruined and all water outlets have been blocked either by encroachment or has been modified. Although resident are themselves are responsible at many places for encroachment. And it is a problem nearly in every city.

We hope that Jaipurites would be feeling quite relaxed to hear that one day their Jalmahal would be returned to them with its original beauty.

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