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Jaipur Metro Track Update

The Jaipur metro track from Ambabadi to Sitapura will also run from Ajmeri Gate to Sanganer. This will be connected to the airport, such is the thought behind the metro project's current position in its construction. According to the plan, the metro would have run from Paanipech to Ajmeri Gate and from here, it would have run on an elevated track to Sanganer but now it might be that the track is built underground from Ajmeri Gate itself. The metro project is getting ready to be connected to the Sanganer airport. The state government wanted Sanganer to be connected to the metro route in the proposed plan, turning towards Sitapura after the airport. In the new route, after crossing Durgapura, Lakshminagar, Sanganer the route will go to the airport and move towards Sitapura. In the second phase the route in approximately 24 kms long. This track covers Ambabadi, Sindhi camp, Ajmeri Gate, Narayan Singh Circle, Gopalpura, the airport and moves towards Sitapura. This route will have 16 underground stations and 4 elevated stations. Before this the track was supposed to be elevated and about 20 crores was spent on the work. But a new survey was done according to a new plan, and an underground route is in the offing.

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