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Art reflects imagination and broad thinking. It is carving unbound power of human mind in one or the other forms, which could enlighten and benefit society at large. The erstwhile rulers of Jaipur or Pink City were true connoisseur of art work and also promoted the skills of artisans in all manners. Maharaja Swai Jai Singh II had facilitated numerous art and craft experts from different corners of the country to reside to work in the field of art.

Though now the kings and queens are non-existent, Jaipur has not only preserved ancient art and craft but also caught eye-balls of billion across the globe. There are several art forms including miniature painting, sculpture and stone carving art, metal art, leather work, gems and jewellery art, hand made sarees, lacquer items, handicrafts etc that are fancy among national and international visitors to the city.

Jewellery : Jaipur is one of the largest exporters of gold, diamond and stones.  It is one of the biggest jewellery markets in the country. Jaipur is the only city finishing Tanzanite (blue diamond) in the world. Jaipur is also famous for meenakari and kundan work. It is all due to Rajputs who were and still fond of jewellery.

Jaipur Lacquer Art and Craft : Lacquer is used to make jewelry and handicraft items. Colours are added to lacquer to create beautiful decorative designs. World famous Jaipuri Nakkashi or pattern work is the special style of decoration of lacquer artwork and lacquer jewellery. Bapu Bazaar and Johri Bazaar are the famous markets.

Sarees : Jaipuri Bandhej Sarees, Jaipuri block print sarees, Jaipuri Leharia Sarees and Jaipuri Hand Embroidery Sarees are world famous. An excellent example of Jari Work is Saree of Queen of Jaipur displayed in Mubarak Mahal, City Palace Jaipur. Bapu Bazaar is exclusive market for Jaipur Sarees shopping during Jaipur Tour.

Jaipur Puppets (Kathputli) : Jaipur Puppets and Puppet Shows are world famous as a popular form of folk art. Kathputli Nagar and Hawa Mahal is the place where these puppets are made in Jaipur.

Jaipur Metal Art : Jaipur art and craft includes a wide range of metal work. Jaipur is predominantly famous for its koftagari, brass engraving, bronze art and lacquering work. One can buy them from MI Road and near Hawa Mahal Area.

Jaipur Sanganeri Block Print Art : Sanganer, Jaipur is the only export hub of Sanganeri Hand Block Print fabrics. Hand blocks of particular pattern designs are made by wood. Artisans manually print cloth using natural colours.

Jaipur Lather Art and Craft : Jaipur's is popular all over the world for hand made leather shoes, hand-bags, vases, purses, painted lampshades, belts, hats, shields, stools and collapsible chairs. Bapu Bazaar and MI Road are some of the famous places to buy leather stuff.

Miniature Paintings Art : Precious metals like gold and silver and powders of semi precious stones are used to make miniature paintings, which makes them everlasting. This art is famous world over and art lover buy them at any price. In City Palace you will artists making beautiful miniature paintings.

Marble handicraft : another business which is thriving in city is marble handicraft. Jaipur is paradise of marble handicraft where you can find amazing products like elephants, flower pots, box, pen etc. Amber market and khezron ka rasta is the dedicated market for shopping beautiful Jaipur marble art and craft items.

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