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Jaipur Literature Festival (jlf) 2014

Being an abode to a twelve-monthly literature wingding, Pink city is currently geared up to host a spanking new proposal to expand and endorse the pride of Indian publishing industry. Starting from January 18th, Jaipur is squaring off all the publishers, rights holders, literary content producers and agents from all over the globe at the foundational proposal known as the “Jaipur Book Mark”. Being the chief free literary fiesta in the world, the “ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF)” accumulates some of the furthermost philosophers and writers from corner to corner of South Asia and all around the globe. JLF, which was instigated in the year 2006, is now considered as a cultural means within India and all around the globe as it reveals all spectators to an unvarying pour of thoughts. Featuring great live music sessions and interactive workshops, the JLF fair bestows a breathing space to challenge, dream and envisage about literature.

Grand Participants of the Literature festival:

Starting from the neighboring language writers to Nobel laureates, Man Booker award winners to first appearance novelists, the most amazing, humorous, receptive and luminous compilation of authors team up every January for about 5 days of readings, discussions and debates at the good-looking Diggi Palace in the pink city of Jaipur.


Jaiour Book Mark, the 3-day event is conceived of massive interest revealed by the global publishing industry in the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF). It is also planned to operate simultaneously to the main event at Narain Niwas Palace. Event Organizers had declared this in an announcement before. There are 6 sessions, each concentrating at diverse facet of the publishing industry, starting from self-publishing to latest e-books, distribution to digital contents and almost all are covered in the list of items. JFL will evaluate the function of game-transformers and industry colossal and also will host roundtable conferences that focus on the industry challenges in a persistently varying souk.

Boards, discussions and Sessions by well-known publishing figures are figured as the chief draw of the event, which guarantees the possibility for personal and meeting interactions. The organizers of the event expect that the major event of Jaipur BookMark will assemble almost 100 chief publishing professional in its first edition.


The Jaipur BookMark event of 2014 has joined hands with Norway as the authorized nation partner with support from the “Norwegian Fiction and Non-Fiction Abroad, NORLA”. The NORLA is essentially a government-aided, non-commercial establishment which endorses the Norwegian literature to other nations in the world. NORLA, in conjunction with the Norwegian Embassy, is super thrilled to join in the new-fangled proposal, the Jaipur Book Mark. They also hope for discovering more potential for the Norwegian literature in India by means of this joint venture.

Ms. Namita Gokhale, the Co-Director & author of Jaipur Literature Festival, who lend a hand in the instigation of the event declared that, the Jaipur BookMark setting is a natural development of the significance revealed in the annual publishing sessions at Pink city. She also added that this is a just a self-effacing commencement and the event will offer a gracious and much-needed refuge for informal interactions inside the publishing industry.

Neeta Gupta, the publisher at the Yatra Books, who also assisted in the institute of the event, declared that, Annually, Jaipur Literature Festival pulls not only the book aficionados, but also the publishers, global agents and several other business experts from all over the earth. She said that Jaipur Book Mark is a unique means of acknowledging the spot of Jaipur in the international publishing atlas.


The intersitng event offered by Zee Jaipur Literature Festival was in the beginning an inventiveness of the “Jaipur Virasat Foundation”, an NGO that operated together with the musicians and craftspeople of Rajasthan to protect the unique skills and encourage financial source of revenues at the same time as safeguarding the legacy.

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