Legendary kite flyer Babu Khan passed away

In the present day, Rajasthan Tourism pays esteem to Babu Khan, the celebrity of Kite flying. Internationally well-known for the exceptional kite flying experitse, Babu Khan has passed away at the age of 76 on January 29, 2014. Babu Khan was survived by his wife and 2 sons. Being an expert kite flyer, an excellent performer, Babu Khan’s knowledge about the globe of kites is astonishing. Though Babu Khan was basically from Bareily, Babu Khan is more or less a Jaipurite now, as a result of his fervor for creating & flying kites. The Pink City that went bizarre on Makar Sankranti with vibrant kites speckling the sky, and attention-grabbing children, elderly folks alike, it was a real treat to the eyes to stare at Babu Khan displaying his skills at the kite flying.

Babu Khan was not only respected in India for his admirable kite flying skills but had also gained an immense status from corner to corner and across borders in overseas for his marvelous kite flying skills. He was also celebrated for making the exclusive attractive kites.

Not to mention, Babu Khan has won several awards, prizes and medals, together with most excellent kite craftsmanship of the nation at the “All India Kite Festival” in Gwalior during the year 1987. He has been taking part in global kite festivals and has been honored with the first prize twice for the most gorgeous kite design in France. He has a great experience in the meadow as he has been creating his own kites and flying them ever since he was 12 years old.

Being a unique invitee at the kite festival conducted from January 12 to 14 at the City Palace, Jaipur, Babu Khan’s craftsmanship has made loads of kite-flyers awestruck in Goa at the kite festival during the film festival held in recent times. He flew 500 kites on 1 string at the Film festival, much to the approbation of all and sundry. It was Nakamura, the Japanese kite flyer who initially caught the mind's eye of Babu Khan, when Nakamura flew the “Train kite”, that comprise about 70 kites on a 1 string before few years.

Jaipur is identified for its kite festivals and the beauty of this great sport was partial without the contribution of Babu Khan, whose incomparable style of flying 500 kites on 1 strand used to captivate the audience at the festival. Even the solitary name Babu Khan turned out to be one and the same to Kite Festivals.

On an interview by the in 2013, Babu Khan had declared his discontentment on the gush of wind. He also told that he originally planned to fly over 200 kites but the deficit of wind made the carnival less captivating.

Babu Khan was also famous for his dressing style with jacket coupled with a cap crammed with badges which he was awarded for his exclusive method of kite flying. The solitary guilt that Khan has had was that he never received any assistance from the Rajasthan state government to propagate the exceptional fine art of kite flying.

The accomplishment that he educated to triumph over hunger had made him receive numerous awards, badges, prizes and recognitions. However, Babu Khan will continue to live in the hearts of all kite lovers!!

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