Amber Fort

Amber fort is built using the red as well as white stone marbles. The fort is built in with a mix of Hindu- Muslim style which takes us back to the 17th century. Amber fort is built using the red as well as white stone marbles. The fort is built in with a mix of Hindu- Muslim style which takes us back to the 17th century. Amber was the capital of the Kachhawaha clan preceding Jaipur. It is placed at a distance of 11 kms from Jaipur city. This fort was built by Raja Man Singh I in the year 1952. This hall highlights the wonderful carvings and minute mirror work. The Amber Fort has several halls and pavilions with their own specific alluring attractions. The best part of this Fort for tourist attraction is that it is located on a crafty hill and the royal elephant ride. Amer Fort is the part of traditional Jaipur and its royalty. Without a visit to Amber Fort, a trip to Jaipur would be definitely incomplete.

Amber was originally built by the Meenas. Amer is located at a very high hill which makes this fort hard to access via foot but to help the tourists there are various transportation facilities provided at Amer fort. The major segmentation of the fort comprises ladies apartment, army area, courtyard, temple and palace. A stuning building in white marble and sandstone, some rooms are covered with thousands of tiny mirrors and colored glasses.

Light show is the most important thing which one should not miss while visiting this fort. This lightening takes place every evening between 6:30pm to 7:30 pm. The photography charges are Rs 100 for Indian and Rs. 200 for foreigners. This symphony of lights illuminates the entire Amber Fort. This show highlights the historical background of Jaipur and it seems to be an educative dose. It shows its sovereigns, monuments and ancient anecdotes of Jaipur. The show is of 50 minutes and shows us the real royal journey. Many efforts are taken up to prepare this show. Architecture of the fort is also very impressive which is illuminated at night as we can also watch the show from the bottom of the hill.

Suraj Pol is the entrance gate of the fort which is decorated in a traditional way, by walking through this gate we will reach Jaleb Chowk, this is a chowk where army people were welcomed when they came back from border. Beyond this chowk lies a maze of palaces, gardens and temples. One of the temples is of Shila Mata, which is dedicated to Goddess Kali and this temple was built in 16th century. There is Diwan-i-Am hall where Maharajas used to conduct the Darbars. On the entrance of the next section Ganesh Pol is situated. The gate in itself has a lot of importance as through this gate queens or ladies used to welcome the battle – won kings with scented water as well as through flowers. The gate is surrounded by a Mughal style garden and looks a glimpse of royalty. To preserve this garden entrance to this garden is restricted which helped to a very large extent to maintain its royalty. 

Sheesh Mahal is one of the most exciting feature of this fort which is adorned with thousands of mirror tiles as well as colored glasses on its wall as well as on ceiling. This Mahal brings a source to life with thousands of flickering reflections.The pillars are also designed very well, out of which one has uniquely designed flower carved at its base, which shows different color of flowers when we see from different angles.

Outside part of Amber fort is imposing as well as rugged looking whereas it is more beautiful from inside. Jas Mandir also has fantastic work which is just above the Sheesh Mahal. This Mandir is also known as the Hall of Private Audience. The most beautiful structure in the Amber Fort is Jai Mandir .It is double floored and covered with white marble pavilion which overlooks the third courtyard garden, The Aram Bagh. There is one another hall known as Hall of Private Audience or Jas Mahal which is just above the Sheesh Mahal. It is featured with fabulous alabaster work, extra ordinary floral glass inlay designs, and smooth marble lattices. Many chambers, rooms and galleries are also there which were once used by princes and other royalty. A museum, garden and Maota Lake below the fort are other pieces of interest at Amber Fort. 

Char Bagh garden lies beyond this, which has lais out in four-quartered style favored by the Mughals. In Char garden we can enjoy panoramic views of the Pink City. Sukh Mahal is situated across this which includes cooling system apart from beautifully designed. Like the Gunijan Khana in the past by which kings ued to enjoy, a ‘Mehfil’ similar to that is there for the entertainment of tourists. Classical dance take place every evening,and the tickets for this concert can be bought from Amer fort ticket window.
Surabhi restaurant is there where different cuisines are served which include Indian, Chinese , Rajasthani and European.Freshly baked Indian bread tandoor food is also made in clay oven which are available. We can enjoy a lot at dinner time as well, such as a puppet show, and songs are sung by Rajasthani bhopas .

World largest collection of turbans is also there in the Turban Museum, there is no fee for this museum. At the foothills of the palace lies the old township of Amber. Jagat Siromani temples, Narsingh temple, Panna Mian ki Baodi are some of the places of interest. The cobbled streets and the ruins of old havelies give the place an old world. Zenana quarters are the Royal family women quarters which were residence of ladies of royal house.from the Tripolia gate these quarters are accessible. Tripolia gate is a third courtyard which means three gates. It opens in three different directions. One gate is towards the Zenana quarters. Second gate opens at the Jaleb Chowk, and the third gate opens to Man Singh Palace.

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