Amber Fort Facts and Sheesh Mahal in Amber fort


Facts about Amber Fort

Amber Fort of Jaipur attracts thousands of tourists every year, and it plays a crucial role in Jaipur tourism. It is situated eleven kilometers from Jaipur on the Delhi Jaipur Highway. it is a major attraction to visitors round the globe and the local people also enjoys the fort. The outer part of the Amber Fort in Jaipur is made of red sandstone which is plastered as white and seems like white marble.

The fort also has enormous historical significance and is the best example of fine architecture as well. Inside the Fort there are several paintings and artworks which will attract and astounds at the same time. Even though the fort is hundreds of years old, the exclusive decoration done on the fort’s is astonishing. The paintings of hunting murals on the walls of the fort and exclusive mirror and glass work in the rooms structures the beauty of the fort.

Rambagh Palace is situated in the vicinity of Amber Fort and this attraction makes an interesting side trip when you visits Jaipur. The Fort and the palace both are very beautiful. It was built in the year 1592 by the Rajah Man Singh I. Raja man Singh improved the design of the fort over the time of his reign. To the right of the Amber Fort Maotha Lake is situated and it provides a double image of the fort on many days.

This trip can include romance for many as the view of the huge fort perched behind the lake and seems to be very beautiful. It offers incredible architecture and history, and are luxurious on the inside. Most visitors who come to Jaipur combine the fort with other area monuments to get a feel of the history and beauty the city has to offer.

Sheesh Mahal

In the Amber Fort, Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors is located. The Sheesh Mahal is a delightful hall with numerous mirrors and is famous throughout the whole world as one of the major tourist attractions. The construction of this hall is done in such a way that even if a single ray of light enters the Mahal then this light would be replicated in the mirrors and the entire hall would have a natural light up and will be enlightened.

Sheesh Mahal is one of the most exciting feature of this fort which is adorned with thousands of mirror tiles as well as colored glasses on its wall as well as on ceiling. This Mahal brings a source to life with thousands of flickering reflections.The pillars are also designed very well, out of which one has uniquely designed flower carved at its base, which shows different color of flowers when we see from different angles.

The literal meaning of Sheesh Mahal is “mirrored”. It is decorated by patterned mosaics, coloured glass and mirrors are all over there from floor to ceiling creating a palace of unbelievable beauty. The most awe-inspiring thing to observe is the Hall of Mirrors is that one candle was enough to light the entire hall of fort because of these mirror.

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