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Tokyo City

Tokyo, the capital of the land of rising sun has much to offer to its visitors with its modern outlook touched by the exquisite traditional elegance. From modern skyscrapers and swanky shopping malls to the traditional shrines and conventional fish markets, Tokyo has a lot to offer to its visitors. Shopping, Nightlife, landscape serene parks and the fun filled Disneyland, Tokyo has it all! Tokyo is also considered to be the one of the secure big cities with negligible crime rates. Just a pinch of common sense and precaution, and you can wander around the busy streets of this city without fear at any hour of the day.

Places to Visit

Tsukiji Fish Market : This busiest fish market of the world is one of the great tourist attractions. Be sure to leave your bed early to see the live auctioning and register early morning as the entry is limited only on first cum first serve basis, permitted only on certain days.

Gardens : If you are a kind of person that gets thrilled with greenery and beauty around, don’t miss to visit a number of landscape gardens like Koishikawa Korakuen, Hama Rikyu, Imperial East Gardens in central Tokyo and city parks like Shinjuku Gyoen and Yoyogi Park in Western Tokyo. These parks are a relief from the busy crowded places for people to interact and meet at leisure

The Imperial Palace gives a splendid experience of closely viewing the royalties of the Imperial family. Next get a touch of ancient Tokyo with a visit to the Meiji Shrine which gives you a good architectural insight. Done with all this, it becomes time to get the best view of Tokyo from the 52nd floor of Mori Tower. Hung in clouds, the view gives you an unforgettable experience. The Tokyo Disneyland is a retreat to the people of all ages – thrill, fun

frolic- all at one place is a great must for all the travellers.

The visit to Tokyo is still incomplete without a visit to Shibuya Crossing outside Shibuya station where you find young crowd, couples, shoppers, travellers and wait a second to see the most organized chaos when all the lights turn red at the same time to see the rustle bustle of pedestrians flinging from everywhere.

Accommodation and Food

Tokyo streets are brimming with hotels matching your pocket size. From five star luxury hotels, boutique hotels to the pocket friendly budget hotels, Tokyo has it all. Capsule hotels, Saunas, Manga Kissa, Love Hotels, Ryokans – choose the one that fits your pocket.

One can spend big bucks in fine dining restaurants in expensive localities but to get the real touch of traditional Japanese cuisines, visit the izakayas in Ebisu. Grilled meat, vegetables and a whole list of drinks and other local cuisines prepared in small kitchens are a delight to eat! There are a lot of restaurants in Tokyo offering delicacies which you may have never seen – don’t hesitate to ask for a taste tester first. Most of the restaurants have their menus at the main entrance – so you can easily check out the prices before you enter. Out of all this, don’t give your trip an incomplete status without trying noodles in Tokyo – you will find noodle bars at every nook and corner of the city.

Travel in Tokyo

Tokyo has a well laid system of railways and subway trains. They connect the majority of the city. However, the system stops late night at around midnight and resumes its operations at around five in the morning. If one is planning to travel late, be prepared to spend big bucks as the taxis normally charge really high late night. Although, most of the Tokyo travellers prefer commutation on rails, yet bus systems are laid well in place for shorter distances or commutation to the places that are beyond the reach of railways yet.

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