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The Ritz-Carlton is a brand of luxury hotels and resorts with 79 properties located in major cities and resorts in 26 countries worldwide.It also has major service training operations in its Ritz-Carlton Learning Institute and Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, created by Ritz-Carlton executive (emeritus)Leonardo Inghilleri,where nearly 50,000 executives from other companies worldwide have been trained in the Ritz-Carlton principles of service. The name Ritz-Carlton dates back to three hotels operated by the legendary hotelier César Ritz, theHôtel Ritz Paris and the Carlton and Ritz hotels in London. Loosely related hotels bearing the Ritz name began to appear in North America, including the Ritz-Carlton Montreal in 1912 and the Ritz-Carlton Boston in 1927. The Ritz-Carlton Boston was an immediate success, and became an enduring paragon of high society. In 1983, after two ownership transitions, the expansion of the Boston operation into a worldwide chain of Ritz-Carlton hotels began, headed by hotelier Horst Schulze and developer William B. Johnson.

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