Hotels in Paris

Going to a new place and finding a suitable accommodation that fits your budget often drives the travelers crazy. However, for Paris, the accommodation options available are comprehensive to suit your need and purpose of visit. On one hand, Paris sparkles with magnificently lit multi-star and boutique hotels that add glory to the spectacular views from Eiffel but on the other hand, it also has discounted pocket friendly deals too. Depending on your visiting goals and budget, you can easily find hotels that match your requirements. One can easily find many hotels nearby the major tourist attractions. However, whichever area you choose to stay in Paris, be prepared for ample walking. However, you may also rent a bicycle, bike or car yet walking down the bridges and shopping hubs still can’t be avoided! The choice of hotels also depends on the purpose of the visit and the company you are in. With year round events of corporate significance and famous designers and models visiting Paris on professional trips, Paris has plenty of business hotels that fulfill all their client needs from conference rooms to fashion ramps. While some hotels specially focus on couples to give them a fulfilling experience of visiting the most romantic city of the world with their exciting romantic couple packages while others have host of facilities for group and family travelers with casinos, mini shopping malls inside hotels, games in kids arena, beauty salons, spas, swimming pool, billiards room and what not! The prices per night may range largely depending on the location, the facilities provided, the size of the bedrooms etc. These days, several discounts are given on high end hotels for online booking while the budgeted hotels hardly provide any discount.  The prices may range from twenty euros per night to five hundred euros per night. The average price for a deluxe hotel per nighty is 405 euros, 340 euros for first class hotel, 151 and 84 euros for very comfortable and comfortable hotels and 52 euros for budget hotels. French Regulations categorize the hotels based on ratings from 0 to 6 where 0 is the lowest category. The mentioned rates at the entrance include the taxes. Several hotels include breakfast in their offered package while others provide at extra cost. It is common for the front desk executives to ask for passport at check in. The checkout times are generally noon times in majority of hotels. The reservations can be done through agents, hotel websites or local tourist offices that can help you with the availability information. There are several associations of privately owned hotels. Confirmation of reservations in writing on room rate, deposits are done on receipt of advance deposits. Advances may vary from 25% of the entire bill or one night for shorter stays. Reservations are contractual obligations on part of both parties i.e. the hotelier and the customer. If the hotelier cancels your booking, he ought to pay you double the reservation amount or if your stay is cancelled you might have to pay the full reservation charges. Thus, certain clarifications on the facilities included, condition of rooms and toilets is advised before paying the advance. On the spot reservations can seek information from the Automatic Central Reservations Board in Roissy- Charles-de- Gaulle Airport. Thus, the hotels in Paris have fewer chances to disappoint you owing to the strict French regulations and great competition ensuring an enjoyable stay. The bars, cafes and lounges in Paris make its nightlife happening with lot of tourists seen in casinos, drinking at bars and shaking their legs at the dance floors. However, the latest trend in Paris is to play the music of people’s choice with the crowd bringing in their own i-pods in the discos. Be excited to land onto one of the most happening places on Earth!

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