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The first thing that comes in mind when talking about a person who attained enshrinement in his life was undoubtedly Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha was a follower who traveled the world in search of his answers to death, birth, peace, sickness and problems. Lord Buddha is preached by many people in all over the world who follows and respects the philosophy of Buddhism.

The people who follow the philosophy of Buddhism initiated his presence by making his temples all over the world. One such temple of Lord Buddha is known as temple of Wat Traimit which consists of world’s largest solid gold statue of Lord Buddha. This temple in situated in Thailand which is popularly known to the people by the name of golden Buddha Bangkok. The golden Buddha Bangkok serves as the title of the largest gold statue of Buddha in the world.

Golden Buddha Bangkok shares a special history behind its establishment. The golden Buddha Bangkok statue was made in the great sukhothai dynasty style in between 13th and 14th century. The sukhothai dynasty style talks about edd shaped head of the golden Buddha Bangkok. The story behind the establishment of golden Buddha statue seems so have an influence of India as well. Legal figures of the Buddha happened to be originate from India and then taken to various countries in the world. It has been said that the golden Buddha status must have been moved from sukhothai to Ayutthaya in somewhere 1403.

Because of this amazing and precious golden Buddha statue, it has been believed that the whole statue was once a time platered to prevent the stealing of the statue. The use of gold in the statue was one foremost reason why it could have been stolen by people. But then the option of paltering the golden Buddha Bangkok seems absurd and thus it was finally painted along with thick layer stucco and inlaid with coloured glasses.

In 1954, a new viharn building was built in the temple in which this statue was to place. But, the impossible task in front of the people was to move this statue from its pedestal into the temple. To realize the same, many ropes were tied on the statues, but due to the heavy weight of the statue, the ropes broke and the statue directly fell down and realized a hard push on the ground which ultimately led to the chipping of the plaster coating on the statue. And slowly, the remaining plaster was removed from the statue and this is how the real gold statue of Lord Buddha came into existence and eyes of people.

And soon, the Thai news media was realized with reports of the same and many people who were the followers of Buddhist philosophy titled it as the miracle of Lord Buddha. And thus, on 14 February 2010, the golden statue of Buddha was inaugurated in the new temple of Wat Traimit which sepcially was created to house this statue. And thus, the statue became famous with the name of golden Buddha Bangkok.

The golden Buddha Bangkok became famous not in the regions of Thailand, but rather in whole world because of its hidden and amazing history of its establishment. The followers of Buddhist philosophy treat the golden Buddha Bangkok as one of the miracles by the universe ordered by Lord Buddha to make people realize the existence of his power in the system. Golden Buddha Bangkok is a statue resembles to the high life condition of people demonstrated by the structure of Lord Buddha who was the follower of peace, love and respect to human kind. Golden Buddha Bangkok, a symbol of enshrinement is worth experiencing once in life.

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