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Hongkong is one such part of the continent which speaks of the western culture cushioned with the essence of their own culture. To realize the same, many fields especially in cuisines work on to throw the essence of the culture of Hongkong. One such bakery which peculiarly describes the culture of their place is cookie garlie. Cookie galerie opens the tiny door to the world of bakery in Hongkong. The aroma of sweets and sweet butter is what makes this bakery so famous. Situated in the central of Hongkong, the bakery commits the best quality material used in their bakery items along with the taste which perfectly defines the culture of Hongkong. The bakery is divided into segment dedicated to each piece of bakery item. Talk about any segment, the items displayed in the shop are not just made of the ingredient but also the love and dedication that the chef put into his/her recipe can be seen by the texture of the item. What make any bakery shop famous are the tastes of every item in the shop along with the harmonious attitude that the people carry towards their customers. And this shop is flourished with both the attributed. One side of the cookie galerie bakery shop consists only of the cakes. The cakes on this side are tailor-made and haute-couture cakes which are specifically meant to deliver from this shop only. The taste, texture and aroma of these cakes are nowhere to be compared to other bakery cakes. And the costs of these cakes vary from $ 3000 to $ 10,000. The price of these cakes almost speaks everything about the items on this side. The other side of the bakery introduce the newly launched line of precious little cookies. What makes these cookies so special, sensitive and unique is the flavor of teas and nuts into it. There are hardly any cookies which categorize the flavor of teas into it. But the bakery cookie galerie is the best destination to taste such cookies which does not only coins perfection in taste but also with the texture and aroma. What come next into this bakery are macrons. What makes these macrons so famous is the touch of Hongkong style of taste into it. This Hongkong style of macrons takes the French egg white and almond pastry as the two mixtures. The perfect taste to the macrons is given by toning down the sweetness of this mixture and texturing it to the macrons. Cookie galerie is the perfect destination to taste and experience the best Hongkong style of bakery items along with the soothing aroma of the culture of the Hongkong mixed with it. When opening the doors of this tiny bakery, one is lost into the fragrance and essence of the bakery. Hongkong seems to have specialized in bakery cooking which gives the perfect pattern and taste to the items. The commitment that the bakery throws on their customers is the everlasting taste of the items which can only be smelled and taste under their roof only. The other factor which makes this bakery so special is the attitude of the staff in the bakery. The staffs in the bakery allow every single person to come back again in their bakery to revitalize the taste of the bakery items in cookie garlie. The people working in the cookie galerie treats every of their customers with great honor and respect which helps in connecting them with their customers and their choice of taste. The regular customers in cookie garlie are presented with their every time best ad same taste if the bakery item they choose. Cookie galerie is the perfect packet of taste and aromas of Hongkong just under one roof.

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