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Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world has much more to offer than romance. One can easily see doting couples on its streets but as one turns the eye around, its serene beauty, culture and food qualify it to be one of the most preferred tourist destinations all around the world. The stylish bars with flowing wines attract mortals like magnets while the super exciting rides and games at Disneyland catch children’ heart throbs. The exclusive range of brands and shopping streets make it a perfect destination for shopping lovers and here at Paris, one finds everything in STYLE. From the fashion shows by leading designers and models that set fashion trends to the unending delicacies at the restaurants, everything is served in style. Paris, the heart of France has numerous options for all species of human beings. To start with, catch the landscape beauty of France by grabbing spectacular views from multiple levels of Eiffel Tower at different heights. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, it boasts itself of breath taking views that will ingrain into your memory cells for rest of your life. For all the art lovers, Paris is a dream come true. The visit to one of the oldest and biggest art museum, The Louvre, gives them an enriching experience. The entry and exit through glass pyramids pumps up the expectations of its interiors. And once you are inside, you cannot take your eye off the artistic excellence depicted by host of adept artists. The famous painting MonaLisa by Leonardo Da Vinci attracts the non-art lovers too by its popularity. Inspired by art, the walk at the adjacent Jardin des Tuileries  Gardens refreshes the experience.  Walking along the beautiful gardens, one becomes mesmerized with the beauty of this amazing city. Still in search for more, a visit to Musee d'Orsay that hosts paintings and sculptures of early modern art  adds on to the experience of this artistic city. Next comes the giant of architectural extravaganza, the Cathedral of  Notre Dame that took over 100 years to build, gives an exceptional view of entire France from its North Tower. Carved with precision, the exterior of this church depicts the Bible stories through its figures and paintings. The adept artists will amuse you with their tricks in the leashing lawns of the church at night. To enjoy the eye leashing sunsets, a visit to Sacre Ceour Church to experience the real essence of Paris from its highest peak is must. Among other churches, a visit to La Madeleine originally planned to build to honor the French army by Napoleon but eventually consecrated as a church has splendid history. Give yourself a toast of royalty by visiting the castles of Versailles & Fontainbleu and Chateau de Malmaison.. These lovely castles having astonishing views of the historic paintings add to the splendor of this magical city. One cannot cite a complete journey to France without walking down Champs-Elysees leading from the Place de la Concorde to the Place Charles de Gaulle with a hot cappuccino in hand passing by lovely restaurants and shops. The spectacular view of Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower from Champs-Elysees brightens up one’s eyes with its charm of lights at night. Walk to Arc de Triomphe to appreciate the magnificent arch built to honor French fighters during Napoleon wars. Having said and done all this, the ride down the Seine River is cherry on the cake. Out of the numerous ride options available, choose the one that matches the size of your pocket but don’t miss out this enriching boat experience. The Pere Lachaise Cemetery is another attraction that has interesting graves and statues of Max Ernst Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Richard Wright and Jim Morrison and many other famous people. Paris offers a unique surreal experience all round the year. However, to best get the essence of Paris, don’t miss events like Cinema en Plein Air -outdoor night movies, Rock en Seine – the annual music festival, Festival D’Automne a Paris – Music art and dance event that stretches over four months, L’Etrange Festival – Horror Film festival, Journees du Patrimoine – explore historic Paris give a complete Parisian flavor. Paris is known for the ease of commutation and its cost effective and well managed public transport system. One is bound to return illuminated from this City of Lights looking forward for the next visit which ensures a refreshing rejuvenated experience.

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