RTDC Hotels jaipur

RTDC Jaipur Hotels

RTDC Jaipur hotels stands for Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. That facilitates the services of hotels in Rajasthan. Jaipur is one main junction of RTDC group of hotels which talks about royal and luxurious experience to the guests. RTDC group of hotels aims on serving the purpose of satisfaction with ease to the guests who are treated as primary and esteem entities to be served to.

Jaipur city is furnished with three RTDC Jaipur Hotels, mentioned below:

RTDC Teej: Teej is the most prominent and important festival in Rajasthan which is celebrated with immense pleasure and responsibility by every Rajasthani women. Teej is known as the “festival of swings”, and same is the importance of this hotel located in the heart of the city. The hotel Teej offers 46 luxurious rooms ranging from the tariff 1200-2550 INR. The hotel enables guests to experience the royal carved interior of the hotel along with relaxing space and activities. The hotel is situated on one of the Porsche areas of Jaipur known as Bani Park which is 14 Km from airport and 0.5 Km from Railway and Bus station. RTDC Teej offers their best services to the guest serving as the important remark in their journey to Pinkcity.

RTDC Swagatam Hotel: Swagatam is a Sanskrit word used for the ambiance of “Welcome” which is most prioritized service provided by the hotel with trained staff. RTDC Swagatam hotel offers the services modified in Indian traditions and customs mixed with the glimpse of Rajasthani values and dignity. The tariff of Swagatam varies from 990 to 1900 INR offering to their best values. The quality of the services is the significant experience in the hotel which is never led to compromise. Swagatam offers both air conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms according to the demand of the guests. The walls of the rooms are supported by the paintings describing the beauty of the Rajasthani culture mixed with colors and delight. The view from the hotel includes the beautiful fountain garden surrounding the premises of the hotel serving to the expectations of the guests. The location of the hotel is best attracted to guest as it is ensures walking distance from railway station and 1 Km from Bus station.

RTDC Gangaur: Gangaur is the famous festival in the state Rajasthan celebrating the reunion of the Lord Shiva and Lord Parvati describing the immense moment of joy and harmony. The hotel Gangaur is named after this festival which ensures the journey filled with joy and harmony. The hotel is furnished with 63 rooms with tariff ranging from 1500-2300 INR. The hotel offers the quality in every service and facility it provides in the rooms. The rooms of the hotel offer the peaceful environment and surrounding to the guests so as to enable them to enjoy their piece of time. As the festival Gangaur talks about the reunion of almighty Shiva and Parvati, the hotel also serves the purpose of reunion of Jaipur culture with the guests travelling to Pinkcity. Hotel Gangaur is situated nearby to RTDC Teej hotel in Bani Park with 14 Km from airport and 1 Km from railway and Bus Station.

These are the three RTDC Jaipur Hotels which ensure the experience of guests filled with harmony and pleasure suiting their budgets and expectations. RTDC group of hotels expands their services to a broader level in order to satisfy the expected services by the visitors. RTDC Jaipur Hotels help in conveying the importance and dignity of sovereign culture of Jaipur under one roof. The milestone of RTDC group of hotels is marked by the decency and well managed services and staff of the hotel that works for the happy and joyful journey of the guests in the city of honor and pride.

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