Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

Annually, a great number of tourists plan their vacation on the desert terra firm of Rajasthan and take pleasure in a range of safari choices such as, Jeep safaris, horse safaris, camel safaris and elephant safaris. In all of them, Jeep Safari in Rajasthan is one of the most well-liked and exhilarating activities to travel around Rajasthan. Jeep Safari is the best and most easy way to discover the desert terra firm of Rajasthan. The thrill and enthusiasm of Jeep safari around the interesting places of Rajasthan definitely offers the travelers an unparalleled and remarkable experience of voyaging. Jeep safari is an amazing activity that you should never miss on your tour around Rajasthan.

What is Jeep Safari all about?

Generally, a Jeep safari tour will take the tourists on a voyage to a range of unexplored destination of the state to bestow them innovative revelations. Tourists can have a unique experience of that’s full of fun and anticipation on your jeep safari tours around various places of Rajasthan. They can have an amazing chance to travel around the conventional villages, outstanding cities and scenery of the vivid state. A few of the most admired places for starting jeep safari tours in Rajasthan are Bikaner, Shekhawati, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. The Jeep safari around the thick forests of Ranthambhore & Sariska National Parks and the landscapes of Aravali hill ranges are purely an exclusive and joyful experience. When compared with the the unhurried and exhausting Camel ride, tourists shall take pleasure in a speedy and relaxed desert exploration in Jeep. The fascinating travel spot of the great Thar Desert in Rajasthan greets all exploration seekers to the exciting jeep safari. The Jeep safari in the arid regions of India will hypnotize you in the attractive civilization of Rajasthan.

Which is the best time of the year to go on a Jeep Safari?

Generally, the winter season, i.e, from the month of October to March would be the best season of the year to go on a jeep safari. Going on a Jeep safari during summer is not usually feasible. During the winter season of the year, the reflection of the sun's rays on the soil can make the daytime warm, whereas the night times are cynically cold. Hence, it is sensible to take a blend of lighter garments as well as woolens. Also, don’t forget to carry moisturizers and suntan lotions to protect your skin.

Whom should you contact to book a Jeep safari?

Tourists can get in touch with travel agents, if they are interested to book jeep safaris. The skilled travel agents will assist tourists in organizing the Jeep safari, based on their individual interests. Generally, jeep safaris take tourists to the far-flung villages of Rajasthan, in addition to some of the most delightful destinations of Rajasthan.

General Facilities offered in Jeep safaris:

After you book a jeep safari, a group will go to the destinations in advance to arrange for the evening camps that has individual kitchens (where food is prepared over wooden fire), and tented lodging. Kerosene lamps are generally used for lighting purposes. A cozy bonfire is also organized, around which dinner and cocktails for the evenings are served. In such enthralled location, with stars sparkling under the shadowy sky, local performers dance, sing and play musical instruments to entertain the tourists.


Food that is served during the safaris generally includes authentic Rajasthani cuisine with lots of vegetables. Generally, chicken & mutton are prepared with scorching spices for Non-Veg lovers. Yogurt and buttermilk side dishes are also served to cool down the spicy palate. On the other hand, with prior notice, simple continental salads and other dishes will also be cooked.

Best things about Jeep Safaris:

The major benefit of a Jeep Safari is the facility to surpass even the rocky landscapes and the grimy roads of the barren region. One more plus of a jeep safari is its pace that can be altered to suit the sightseeing requirements. The Jeep Safari tours in Rajasthan are best to visit the inaccessible rural areas that are wealthy in cultural and ethnicity. In addition, the Jeep safari tour also envelops the carcass of ancient forts and divine shrines that are famous for their amazing structural design and past. The most preferred and worthwhile area for Jeep safaris in Rajasthan is the Shekhawati region. The region’s highlighted settlements combined with long sandy stretches can be enjoyed in a Jeep safari.

Enjoying the scenic beauty of the verdant, green areas of Rajasthan in an open jeep is truly a treasured experience for everybody. Enjoy a jeep safari in the popular Sariska & Ranthambore National Parks to see the fertile plants or to take a look at diverse wild animals counting Tigers in their individual natural locale. At times, you can get a glimpse of a Tiger or any other wild animal while traveling around the dense forests.

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