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BagruA region known for hand block printing, a dwelling famous for natural dyes, a suburb honoured for pickles- BAGRU. A small village, 30 Km far from jaipur on the road linking to Ajmer, involved in block printing custom since 100 years comprehending thenatural dye. Bagru is evidenced with the population of 1, 28,498 involving 52 percent of males and 48 percent of females respectively. One of the put down solidity commits the literacy rate in Bagru to be 52 percent which is even lesser than the average national literacy rate of India.
BAGRU originated the tradition of printing, is not only popular in India, but even being a small village custom, the Bagru print is known worldwide. The wooden prints of bagru have entitled its own name as Bagru prints. The wooden prints involve the technique of carving the print (or design) on the wooden block first, and then enriching the design involving the chosen colour to the fabric. Printer’s quarter (also, chippa mohalla) is known for the textile printers of Bagru. The quarter is officiated with the printers only committing artistic traditions with wooden blocks and dyes. The procedure of printing involves the following: To get the habitual cream colour background on the fabric, the cloth is smeared with fuller’s earth and dipped into the turmeric water. The procedure of printing ends up by stamping beautiful wooden block designs involving natural dyes. With 300 years of life, the tradition of printing with the attempt of artists is still alive with great fame and popularity.
BAGRU, a village of natural dyes, is prevailed by the phenomenal affection of natural dyes expended for printing. As mentioned earlier, BAGRU is following the custom of printing from a decade, is still run with the natural process of inventing dyes. For example, the origin of dye colour blue, green and yellow involves natural indigo, pomegranate and turmeric respectively. The excellence in this art has made Bagru a renowned name in international fashion followed by its natural instinct.

BAGRU, with ancient printing tradition and natural dyes, also includes the name of PICKELS in the list of ‘famous for’ category.

Not only printing customs and natural processed dyes plays a role in putting THE before Bagru, but also manufacturing of pickles in the region plays a vital role for the same. Jhalani food products pvt. Ltd., famous for manufacturing of pickle, is based in Bagru. This company has gained fame not only in the region of Rajasthan, but many parts of India.

Being a small village, Bagru attained a great popularity and tourist attraction. Bagru maintained the ancient Indian tradition of printing to regain the ground of honour, respect and dignity in the globe. The name is enough to recognise and feel the ancient traditions of India that involves printing, natural dyes and even pickles enriched with the love and hard-work by the Bagru population. As years gone by, Bagru will always be remembered, acknowledged and honoured for the purity of customs, where one can faithfully stick to the rich traditions for centuries.

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