song ludo saanp seedhi sab gayi daanye baanye

It sums up the essence of hopelessly loving the mobile. The song shows how limitless mobile usage has replaced classic board games such as Ludo, Snake Ladders etc. Young Singer Siddhansh can be seen delightfully dancing around the house and enjoying his vocals and body movements through different steps and expressions.

Talented Yashvardhan Yadav has done a wonderful job creating this track and has proven promising as an upcoming musician. It has a funny edge that the audience will receive brilliant concepts and contemporarily relevant lyrics. Mr Vikram Yadav has composed this. His Musical interests and outlook stem from his enduring love for recording, arranging and experimenting.

Amazed with the sheer diversity of his styles, from swinging emotional ” Zindaghi” to joyous pop ‘ Ludo Saanp Sidhi', his influences are genetic. This melodic version was accomplished under the guidance of the Renowned Classical Singer Prof. Suman Yadav. The song is released on YouTube. It is produced by VIKRAM MOTILAL CREATIONS (VMC-SHADJA) & sponsored by the Hahnenman Charitable Mission Society (HCMS). This song is aesthetically dovetailed with Deepshikha Jain's (renowned singer) Choreography and Photography.

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