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Variety In Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the land of royal warriors, the place where traditions and customs outshine the royal legacy of the land. Rajasthan the land was reined by the Mughals and Rajputs, the land is an exemplar of royal legacies and history. The state is the largest of all the states in the country, with a population of 68,621,021 as per records of 2011, covering a land of 201/km2. Jaipur or the Pink city is the capital city of this state which is the largest state.

The cities of the state are famous in some or the other way and hold a huge tourists crown from all over the world.

To list some cities of the state are :

Rajasthan Culture

The culture of the state is vibrant and glossy which has set its footprints all over the world. The dynamic culture is known globally and has been praised and admired and hence so see such huge tourist crowd in the state.

Folk Culture of the state involves the folk dances, songs, festivals has inspired and lured people from all around the globe.

Dance forms originated from the different cities of the state

Ghoomar from Udaipur, Kalbeliya from Jaisalmer are some of those dance forms which has gained International recognition. Folk songs are majorly devotional and regional which use instrument such as Dholak, Sitar and Sarangi.

The Different Dance Forms of Rajasthan  got a Fame Globally and get a recognition

Rajasthani Arts

The Famous Block Motif Printings of Bagru and Sanganer, traditional Wall painting from Bundi, Zari embroidery of Jaipur etc are some famous printing and painting forms famous in the state. Rajasthan is termed as “Shoppers Paradise for Handicrafts”, the place has such plentiful of talented craftsmen who are responsible for such ample amount of beautiful handicrafts.

Clothing of Rajasthan

The mirror embroidery on the traditional clothing of the place is a favourite and prevalent all over in India. The traditional Lehenga-Choli and dhoti-kurta of the state has gained popularity all over the globe.

Major religious Festivals of the state

Teej, Deepawli, Janmashtmi, Gangaur and Makar Sankranti are some major Hindu festivals celebrated with enthusiasm and vigor, people dress up in extreme vibrant costumes and parades passed while signing religious songs and dancing on ballads.

Rajasthan is a traditional and royal state known for its royal legacy and imperial history which tempts visitors, to visit the place and unveil the hidden history.

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