Top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong

Concealed in the midst of the shopping arcades and skyscrapers, Hong Kong has heaps of enlightening charms to discover starting from museums and temples to a stunning Chinese garden. If the soul of Hong Kong is compared with that of a different Western destination, the metropolis of Hong Kong may stroke shoulders with London & New York. However, the city’s feet still hang down in the salty water of a humid, southern harbor. The Top 10 attractions of Hong Kong are well-liked for many reasons. Tourists who visited Hong Kong have voted the top 10 attractions in Hong Kong.

They are as follows:

1. A walled village: Even though Hong Kong does not possess a separate past, the walled village of Hong Kong place might make you feel that the region’s history draws out back to the era of combat ships, accords and opium boxes. Nevertheless, several villages of Hong Kong are more than 500 years old. Also, a great deal of their inheritance still exists as an integral part. Self-protective ramparts, inherited hallways and customarily costumed locals can be spotted at any walled villages of Hong Kong.

2. Lamma Island: Lamma Island, a rustic run away has tropical forest foliage, abandoned seashores and rickety rural communities that are blown up with exotic seafood eateries. Since there will be no car services available on the atoll, you need to be ready to walk around the place without any hesitation.

3. The Skyline: The Sky line is the key attraction of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, the horde of skyscrapers domed in the region of Victoria Harbor isle is a true treat to the eyes. If one particular picture could summarize the city of Hong Kong, then, it would be the view of the city from Victoria Peak. Holding the pride of being the most striking skyline in the globe, Victoria Peak is the best place to observe skyline both in the night and day. At the hours of darkness, this place has swarm of people to the masterpiece of “Lights laser & light show”.

4. Ngong Ping Cable Car: The Ngong Ping Cable Car is almost 112 feet tall and 5.7km elongated. This Cable Car bestows an extraordinary exploration above the shimmering ocean of South China and green crests of “Lantau”. The panorama can be well explained with the word “Amazing”. When you are finished with the cable car ride, travel towards the massive “Tian Tan Buddha”, one of the largest Buddha in the earth.

5. Hong Kong Markets: Hong Kong possesses several shops in every shopping center. Also, there are 7-Elevens on each and every crook of the street. However, Hong Kong is a metropolitan that flourishes on marketplace shopping even today. You name it; you get it in the market places of Hong Kong!! Starting from gold fish, newly caught fish out of the deep blue ocean to simulated ‘Guccie’ bags, Hong Kong has a bazaar for all. Tourists can walk around any tourist market to lift up a few local mementos for a bunch of pennies.

6. Statue Square: A long time ago, Statue Square was the core of British regal nobles in Hong Kong. In the past, this place was the Supreme Court and is one of the few enduring instances of regal buildings in Hong Kong with broad galleries, domed pavements and a vaulted ceiling. At the moment, Statue Square is the dwelling to the attractive “LegCo edifice” where the elected representatives of Hong Kong assemble.

7. Hong Kong Temples: The places of Pilgrimage persist to be a vital aspect in the existence of Hong Kong citizens. During the city’s crucial festivals and celebrations of Hong Kong, temples will be chock-full of inhabitants who wait to offer gifts to satisfy the deities. The temples at Hong Kong are raucous, vibrant and hectic. Generally, the temples are covered with smoke owing to the persistently flaming incense sticks that are daringly and marvellously ornamented with time-honoured Chinese designs and patterns.

8. Ocean Park: Ocean Park, Hong Kong’s household theme park persists to be a more important Park than the Hollywood fame Disneyland. With a captivating blend of enlightening and interactive deep sea creatures, Ocean park boasts the innovative jellyfish show, and an adventure-seeking roller coaster rides and much more. Don’t ever miss Ocean Park if you have younger kids.

9. Nathan Road: Perhaps, Nathan Road is the most picture-perfect street in Hong Kong. Nathan Road displays the city’s key representation, the neon marketing signs. Jam-packed at every perspective and observed on every construction, the neon signs are the true demonstration to the role of Nathan Road as the business hub of “Tsim Sha Tsui”. Visitors who wish to observe the city of Hong Kong at “full of life” phase should never miss this spot.

10. Temple Street Night Market: This disruptive main road in mid “Kowloon” begins at the Temple Street's intersection. Beneath the glower of uncovered light bulbs, vendors whip everything from strange copyright medicines to fake watches in this market. The clairvoyants gather by the multistory car parking area and poor Chinese opera group make shows for a just a few bucks near the civic toilets. The out-door stalls exhibit hard-to-pronounce food items and elderly folks lay bets on Chinese chess games in the solid square outside the shrine.

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