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Asia is the largest continent and the most populous country of the world. Asia is the only continent which experiences a maximum number of people visiting its countries throughout the calendar. The continent is huge and holds spiritual ancient and yet modern balances of the society, each and every fold of the continent is divine and beautiful. Each region is enriched and blessed with nature’s beauty. To add on to the beauty of the places the, each of the country supports to support its tourism business and to offer accommodations to the travelers have channeled the origin of  luxury hotels

From somewhat 10 Years before staying and visiting places was just a touring and vacationing matter for which now is a business in the current economy. People are traveling and the host of the places, offer best of the accommodation services to the visitors with best of comforts in their luxury hotels. And hence luxury hotels have developed flourished and now are the major attractions of the countries.

Luxury hotels are fine residential places floored with all kinds of amenities luxuries and comforts, they are now treated as places to rejuvenate, relax and bathe off their tensions and stress. The Luxury hotels of any country reflect the customs and culture of the place.  This article lists about the top Luxury hotels of Asia-


Another synonym for luxury at its best, pamper yourself in the divine services of this luxury hotel in Osaka. The hotel has all the possible amenities you name and within blink of your eyes, it will be served to you with perfection. Giant spacious rooms with panoramic view the rooms are comfortable with beautiful interiors and luxuries. It has banquet halls, plush dining rooms, lush green huge gardens and crystal clear swimming pools.

Indulge yourself with the immense beauty and luxury of the place and enjoy the peace and rejuvenate in the arms of nature.


Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is another luxury and exotic hotel wrapping p all the fancies of the imagination of a human. Lush green gardens, exotic arrival drink, typical cuisines, exquisite rooms and excellent services are some limelight's of the hotel. The hotel has fresh menu for the traditional and also foreign cuisines, with a spacious bar and refreshing spa area.

This article suggests you to must visit Mandarin, while visiting Tokyo.


In the Lap of Aravalli Ranges Lies the colorful and beautiful city Jaipur, a well known tourist destination in India, the capital city of Rajasthan. The city is counted among the Golden Triangle of India. With its Palatial Palaces and Imposing Forts such as Amber Fort and Nahargarh Fort the city has developed an exquisite range of luxury hotels.

Oberoi started the trend of fine accommodation services in the year 1982 and since then the finest of the Luxury Hotels were seen establishing in the country. The First Oberoi Hotel was started in Jaipur, with the name of Oberoi Raj Villas, and since then the Traditional Vibrant Jaipur can be experienced here at the Raj Villas. The hotel has lavish green gardens huge dining halls and rooms and the staff service of the hotel is impeccable. Oberoi raj Villas ranks among the top 10 Luxury hotels in Asia.


The hotel is located amidst the busiest city Beijing amidst shopping centers, located at such busy and crowded place the hotel maintain its position of being counted as a luxury hotel in Asia. The hotel is a premier signature for the city and is unquestionably the apt place for the important events and celebrations in the city. The hotel has ample space accommodating 525 spacious rooms, with fitness health club, spas, dining and banquet hall. The hotel has a prestigious shopping arcade which flaunts the designer products in its exquisite boutique.


Intercontinental is the new name given to luxury in Thailand. The exotic wildernesses of the hotel represent the exotic tourism of the country. The beautiful country of Thailand has some exquisite hotels which mark luxury in the accommodation services, the hotel is huge and an exotic destination in itself, brimming with almost all luxurious amenities like spa, health club, fitness club, wedding suites etc. The staff is humble and kind and is ever ready to help.


The Taj hotels has a unique history which is famous worldwide and is symbol; of luxury and comfort and has been a renowned hotel chain throughout India. Taj Mumbai is a huge piece of architecture standing on Apollo Bunder, with Nariman Point being just a5mins drive away. From the ancient times the hotel has been the prestigious residing place for the Kings and Presidents from aboard. The place is furnished with, most exquisite antiques the carpets, the cutlery the interiors everything is fancy and a piece of art.  The place is adorned with spa, bar, lounge, café, dining hall, suites, banquets etc.

The article is a brief dictation of these exquisite hotels, but one must have to go there and experience the luxury and the charisma of the place which adds up in the journey.

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