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Local Forts

The rich history of the city is embodied in its many forts, which reflect the ancient traditions of India. These forts have been well kept and date back to early Indian traditions in the 16th century and earlier.
Amber fort is one of the most prominent forts near the city, and was a military and government outpost that served as a palace for the Amber clan. Its unique architecture captures both Hindu and Mughal elements, and is located directly across from Maotha Lake. The fort underwent a series of evolutions over the centuries, adding internal designs such as murals which cover its intricate walls.
Roughly ten miles outside of the city, Jaigarh Fort is located near Amber Fort and forms a complex that dates back tot he 16th century. Jaigarh was used primarily for artillery and overlooks a strategic point in the city, providing impressive views for photography.
Looking down the city from the Aravalli Hills, Nahargarh Fort formed a military fortification in the early history of the city. Constructed in the early 18th century, it underwent expansions under subsequent rule and was used as a military based by regional rulers for centuries.

Video: Jaipur Fort Amber Palace Sukh Mandir

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