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Cultural Attractions

The rich history of Jaipur features a number of prominent cultural features, ranging from museums to traditional institutions to modern markets. Both modern and ancient Indian traditions are alive and well within Jaipur, which has fully integrated its dual structure to become a modern Indian city true to its roots.

One of the greatest examples of traditionally Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal palace, originally built in 1799 by the Maharaja Singh. Structured to take the appearance of a Hindi crown, the palace is intricate, with five complete stories and an impressive sandstone design. Delicately kept courtyards dot the exterior of the great Halls.

Culture of Jaipur

[jwplayer config=”myplayer” file=”” image=”” download_file=””%5DGalta Ji Temple

The city is also home to a highly revered Hindi pilgrimage site. Galtaji is located just a few miles from the city and features ancient temples, dotted with springs, pavilions and religious imagery. According to legend, Hindi Saint Galav mediated there – as a result, the primary temple is well kept and considered a holy site.

Just outside of the city, there is a well known stepwell, constructed back in the 9th century and extending over 100 feet with over 3,500 steps. Chand Boari reflects the depth of local historical tradition.

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