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When talking about fast food, the most common and popular choices for fast food lovers are burger. Burger may seem very tasty to eat, but the fact that the burger is the king of fast food and is available in many different tastes and textures makes it one more reason to eat with joy. One such place in Hongkong which provides the best textured and tasty burgers is burger republic. The story behind the burger republic speaks of the family who runs this shop. This place in central Hongkong is run by the just one family from the times of their ancestors. And the recipes of burger in this place in unique and highly confidential to their family members only. This is one of the reasons why the burger lovers come to this place so often. The taste answers texture of burger found in this place is nowhere find in any part of the world. This place burger republic has been telecast many times by the food channels which also draws an international reputation of this restaurant. This place is run by only single family and thus they never disclose the recipe of their burgers and add on with the burger to anyone. As the taste and texture of the burger at this place is what is in demand which leads to their confidential recipe to not to tell anyone. The most famous and tasty burger in burger republic is the beef burger which is grilled fresh. The most popular burger in burger republic is the chicken burger which is available in many varieties and taste as per the choice of the people. The story behind the beef grilled burger of burger republic is very interesting. The great grand ancestors were playing cards with their friends, and suddenly the burger they were eating got finished. The friends of the great grandfather requested his wife to make some. But the situation seems no favorable to them. In order to fulfill the choices of the guest, the great grandmother grilled the burger with beef in it along with the mixture of sauces and spices. Along with this burger, the grandmother also cooked some French fries but with some cheese on it. The guests were very impressed by her creativity and this is how the beef grilled burger came into existence along with cheese French fries as the add on with the burger. The beef grilled burger is famous till today and is demanded by most of the customers in burger republic. Other than beef burger, the other burgers including chicken burgers contains somewhere the same aroma of the beef burger, the only difference maintained by the meat in it. These burgers are coined as the best and foremost choice for the people who wants slight excursion in the taste of their burger. Other than burger, the burger republic also offers the add on with it. Cheese French fries being the best choice in the add on to the burger is choice for every fast food lovers after burgers. The combination of burger and French fries in burger republic is almost impossible to eat. And interestingly, every year the burger republic organized event in order to gift the people who can eat their beef grilled burger along with cheese French fries. This is one interesting event every year which is organized by burger republic. The burger republic is a shop which is famous and known to every local person living in nearby areas. Not only this, the burger republic as achieved great success and honor worldwide because of their extraordinary taste in burger and French fries which is running the same way since the time of their ancestors.

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