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Clothing of Women

Clothing of Women

Fashion Clothing is used for a popular style or type of clothing which is in trend. When it comes to women clothing they have to draw a line between trendy and classic, youthful and sophisticated. Transition between these can be awkward one, thus women have to be very careful while choosing their wardrobe so that make the changes with greatest of ease, and all while looking fabulous.

In Indian traditional clothing for women varies from region to region depending on the local culture, religion and climate. Saris and the salwar kameez–a unisex outfit consisting of loose trousers and a tunic are traditional attire for Indian women. Saris and salwar kameez have been worn by Indian women since ages and are still in demand. Other traditional cloths for women which are still used by women include Ghagra Choli (lehenga choli), a traditional wear of women of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Pattu Pavadai(Tamil) or Langa davani( Kannada) or Langa Oni, a traditional dress of south India worn by teen girls etc.

Western clothing made its foray into the Indian society during the times of the British rule. Indian professionals opted to wear western clothing due to its relative comfort or due to regulations set then. By the turn of the 21st century, both western and Indian clothing had intermingled creating a unique style of clothing for the typical urban Indian population. Women started wearing more comfortable clothing and exposure to international fashion led to a fusion of western and Indian styles of clothing.

Women's clothing nowadays consists of both formal and casual wear such as gowns, pants, shirts and tops depending upon the occasions.

Business formal wear for women is similar to that of men, involving suits, closed toe dress shoes and minor variations from men's formal business wear. Women formal suits include a buttoned jacket and matching bottom, such as a pencil skirt, a conservative dress or slacks.

Casual wears include dress gowns, ballgowns and cocktail dresses. Gowns generally reach the ankles and are paired with matching shoes. Casual dress also includes jeans, skinny or baggy with it they can wear top, a feminine blouse, tailored shirt, vest or sweater. For dresses, select a tailored shirt dress or a structured knit or fine wool wrap or tailored shift dress worn under a jacket.

Nowadays Indo-western tunics are available in market that can be worn on a pair of denims. Women can wear Rajasthani kurtis with the denims. Women in metropolitan cities wear miniskirts, plaid shorts, knee shorts and Capris. Shirts and t- shits can be worn with these skirts and shorts.

Fashion is not limited to the outfits only. It includes a variety of accessories to enhance your style. The right accessory can complete an outfit, update you look and even create the illusion of length. A funky belt can dress up plain pants or jeans, jewellery can add sparkle to any outfit and a great bag can be practical and stylish. A scarf can frame your face, accent your neckline or adorn your waist. A cap with your casual dress can enhance the beauty of your dress.

In Jaipur you can find wide variety of women outfits. If you are looking for traditional Indian dresses like Jaipuri kurtis, Rajasthani Saris, lehengas etc. then you should visit Bapu bazar market of Jaipur while you can find all the branded fashion stores in M.I. road and Malls of Jaipur.

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