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Badi chaupar, Jaipur

The Pink city of Jaipur holds a unique exquisiteness. Nevertheless, the city may surprise you if you are a first time visitor. Jaipur city has a diverse ethnicity and the city has developed over the years. Jaipur is well thought-out to be the 2nd most illustrious tourist destination in India, subsequent to Agra. It is predicted that 1 out of every 3 tourists who visits India also pay a visit to Jaipur. Jaipur is all about forts, wild life sanctuaries, palaces, temples, resorts and heritage monuments which make Jaipur an ideal place for the laid-back explorer and a sightseer with specific reason.

Attractions in Jaipur:

Most important attractions in Jaipur are the Amber Fort, City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Birla Temple, Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall Museum and so on. In addition, Jaipur is also popular for its bazaars that overflow with ethnic garments, fake & precious jewelry, home furnishing, shoes, wooden and marble objet d'arts and much more. The perfectly associated shops look identical owing to the structural design which is wonderful to stare at. One such bazaar is Badi chapur. Badi Chaupar, a square crossing is beside the celebrated Hawa Mahal. This place is most likely the highly jam-packed places in Jaipur. The shops in Badi Chaupar are the key attractions for the sightseers.

Badi Chapur:

Badi Chaupar is placed centrally inside Jaipur old city walls. Immediately after Hawa Mahal, you can see the main square Badi Chaupar, which leads to some fascinating bazaars like the Ramganj Bazaar on the east, where one can observe the leather shoe-makers who are busy in their work. Tripolia Bazaar, on the west is famous for its brass and steel utensils. Johari Bazaar which is at the south of Badi Chaupar, is renowned for block-printed and Bandhani textiles. Several eminent jewelers of Jaipur have their show­rooms at this place.

In essence, Badi Chaupar is placed on the northern side of Sanganeri Gate, at the juncture of Johari & Tripolia bazaars. At present, the plan of the quadrangle operates incompetently. The major aim of this project is to revamp the 5 subdivisions of Badi Chaupar in such a way that it professionally houses the operations of each division. There is a high hope that the restoration of Badi Chaupar would act as a medium and show the way to the revamp of close by Ramganj Chaupar and Choti Chaupar also.

What are the Goals?

Famous items to shop in Badi Chaupar:

In Badi Chaupar, visitors can shop handicraft, Mojaris, Rajasthani furniture, antiques, Jaipuri print dress materials and beautiful Salwar suits. Get ready to negotiate and get your favorite goods in a good deal. Visitors are also captivated by an assortment of lac bangles and other traditional Jaipur bangles as well.

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