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Which god worship on the occasion ofShaniJayanti?

Lord Shaniworship on the occasion of ShaniJayanti.

History of the above occasion

Origin of this occasion lies in the birth of Lord Shani. Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya and Chaya. Lord Surya was having one more wife Sandhya and they both are having three childrens named as Yam, Manu and Yamuna. But Sandhyaleft Surya as she could not bear its heatness and asked Chhaya to look after her husband and her childrens.And then Lord Shani was born and Lord Shiva guided him.

What is the significance of the above occasion?

The above occasion is celebrated in the honour of the birth of Lord Shani. Lord Shani plays an important role in our life. He is considered as a judge among all the gods, as he takes decision on whether to reward or punish the candidate as per his or her work. If he done some wrong things or some sins, then Lord Shani punishes him and if he has done something good means he is a honest candidate, hardworking and done some good deeds in his life, then he may get rewards. So, he is like a teacher who teaches each and every person by showing him the correct path in his life. From this, it is clearly understood, Lord Shani and his puja plays an important role in our life.

What are the things or material required for the worship of this puja?

Idol or statue of Lord Ganesha, Shanidevta, Hanuman ji, water, diya containing sesame oil, til which are black seeds of sesame, black gram, black clothes, sindur, banana.

What is the vidhi (method) of worship?

To perform the puja in a proper manner, first take a bath in the early morning, carry dress which is black in colour and then move to the temple or puja can be done at the devotees home also.

First of all, Lord Ganesh is worship by offering prayer to him as he is considered as a first god who is always worship first before every god. So, is here in the worship of Lord Shani. After offering prayers to him, diya of Sesame oil is lighted. Then Lord Shani is worship. His feet are washed by water and then same is consumed in the form of Charanamrit. If his photo, idol or statue is not available, then people can meditate him. Next black seeds of sesame, known as Til, black gram, black clothes and sesame oil is offered to him. Then chant the mantra of Lord Shani. After this, pray Lord Hanuman and offer him Sindur and banana.

If you observe the fast on this day, then break the same when there is a sunset , as a person can have rice with pulses of black urad. Til can also be taken as a food. If the above foods are not available, then one can enjoy any vegetarian meal also.

How to celebrate this occasion?

The occasion is celebrated by keeping fast for the whole day from sunrise to set. People worship him, meditate him for their good future.

What are the timings to celebrate this puja or occasion in a year?

According to the Hindu calendar, this puja or occasion is done in the month of Jyestha on Amavasya, as Lord Shani was born on this day.

In which parts of the country, this puja is considered as more important?

There is not a specific part in the country where the puja of Shani is performed at a big scale. As he is a lord of justice, so everyone worship him with full devotion and dedication as everyone wants to praise him so that they can get good results which helps them moving further in their life.

In Shingnapur, Maharashtra this puja is done at a big scale.

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