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Hoysaleswara Temple Karnataka

Hoysaleswara Temple

Hoysaleswara Temple is a holy place of Hindus. It is sited in Halebidu which is in the state of Karnataka. It is worshipped and visited in the honour of Lord Shiva. This temple is famous for its exotic architecture. The temple has gained its solid structure in 12th century during the rule of emperor of Hoysala Empire i.e. Vishnuvardhana. Another name of Hoysaleswara is Dorasamudra or Dwarasamudra. This temple has got its name from the King Vishnuvardhana Hoysaleswara. The glory of this temple is wide apart due to its beautiful carving. There is a use of Soap stone AKA Chloritic Schist in the construction of this temple. Hoysaleswara Temple has been recommended as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is counted among the famous places of Halebidu.

Getting There

The distance between temple and bus station of Halebid is half kilometer. For reaching towards this temple one has to reach Hasan. There is a good network of State Road Transport Corporation buses for following the distance of Halebid and Hasan. There is also rail network for covering the distance of Banglore, Mysore and Hasan. Hasan does not have airport but Banglore or Mysore has airport. One can hire bus or taxi to reach towards Hasan or Halebid.

Security And Some Tips

There are many security services at Bangalore which are provided to people for safety and protection. These security services are ABC DETECTIVE NETWORK Private Limited, Abdul Bari Nawab, Ace Security And Detective Agency and Accurate Group etc. Yatris should not carry cash and ornaments with them. They should also keep their luggage at safe and secure place.

When To Visit

The best time to visit the shrine is during the month between November and April. It is opened all the days of the week. Its timings are: 6:30 AM to 9:00 PM. The duration of the visit is 30 min to 2 hours. There is no entry fee for visiting the shrine.


What To See And Do

The carving of this temple is exclusive. The walls of the shrine are decorated with thousands of figures. These walls depict the scenes of Ramayana and mahabharat. The temple is adorned with intricate stone sculptures by which the temple has got a distinct look. This sanctum consists of Shiva linga and Nandi. The entrance of temple consists of dancing Ganesha. There are 240 sculptures which are entailed by gates of the temple. These sculptures show the images of lions and elephants. The shiv linga of the temple is simple and worshipped by devotees in a large number.

Where to stay

There are guest houses in Halebidu which provide stay to yatris. They are: KSTDC Mayuri Guesthouse and Ramegowda's Guesthouse etc.

Where Else to Stay

There are hotels in Halebidu which provide luxury to devotees. These hotels are: The Green Pastures, Vishnu Krupa Lodge, KSTDC Mayura Shantala and Hotel Mayura Shantala etc.


The festival of shivratri is celebrated here with pomp and vigor. This is the time when devotees show their true devotion and spiritualism towards the god Shiva and in return god provides them strength and power and also eradicate their sorrows and pains.

Side Trips

There are many interesting places to visit around Hoysaleswara Temple. These places are: Belavadi Trikoota Temple, Chikmagalur, Coffee Museum, Sbg Film Theatre, Shani Devasthana Temple and Salem Prayer Hall etc.

Travel Tips

Yatris should take video camera with them in order to trap each and every activity of the whole trip. They should also take a personal diary for having the written record of the whole trip along with the feelings and emotions at that period of time. They should also hire a tourist guide for having the complete knowledge of the shrine including its history. They should also take first aid for curing frequent injury.

Thus, the real faith and devotion lies in the heart of the man and the visit of this temple is the way to get the blessing and power from the god with the purity of heart.

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