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Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

The inhabitant of Rajasthani has a great enthusiasm for color and happy celebrations. These interests among citizens are established by the intricate ceremonies and frequent fairs and festivals of the area. Other than the festivals celebrated by the Hindus, Muslims and other religion, there are also the conventional and time honored fairs of Rajasthan. These take account of animal fairs, religious fairs however; there are no fairs to mark the altering seasons. In actual fact, celebrations take place more or less all around the year and are a marvelous chance for the tourist to gain an imminent into the existence of the Rajasthani. Not counting the conventional fairs, lately time-honored festivals involve camel races, elephants, dance & music have been particularly organized for the voyagers.

In the midst of the better acknowledged fairs of Rajasthan are:

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