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At Shumee, the main focus behind all our toys is to make it open-ended play which helps in exploration and discovery with learning happening naturally for a child. Each toy follows the philosophy of 90% child and 10% toy. Prioritizing child-safety, every Shumee toy uses natural materials & Lead-free paints.

Shumee – Pirates vs. Royals Wooden Chess Set

Introduce Chess to your child even before they can figure out what check mate means with the pirates vs. royals wooden chess set by Shumee. It features a pirate vs. royal theme and contains 16 units for each. This toy helps build cognitive and logical thinking skill in your child thus making their thought process steadier.

Skill set: Promotes problem solving, logical thinking and creativity skills

  • Material: Made of wood using non-hazardous paints
  • Suitable for ages: 4+ years




Pirates vs. royals

This chess set has a pirate vs. royals theme. It has designed wooden pieces where the pirates have masks and eye-patches while the royals have crowns and more. It can also be used as standalone toys too.

Curiosity Skills

While your child plays with this set, his/her curiosity will increase to learn the skills and tactics used for playing the chess game. This toy will stimulate active engagement, logical thinking & imagination of your child.

Social and coordination skills

The child shows an interesting mix of independence and playfulness while playing the pirates Vs. Royals, it also helps improving the memory of the child and learn about coordination skills when played with someone else.

Cognitive skills

This set allows the child to think and learn tactics. Thus, helping the child build on their cognitive skills.

Hand to eye coordination

The child can learn how to coordinate according to the role of each piece just as how a normal chess game is played. This enables the child to learn more about coordination.


This chess set is made from wood and the paints used are also non-haazardous, making it ‘OK' for the child to play. No plastic material is used while manufacturing the toy. Thus your child is in safe hands while playing and learning with the chess set.

Keeps children occupied

This toy can be played by the child at home or a children's party. It keeps the child patient and engaged for hours.

  • WOODEN CHESS SET WITH PIRATES VS ROYALS THEME: Wooden Chess set with Pirates Vs Royals theme containing 16 units of each on an 8″x8″ board instead of traditional Black vs White.
  • FEATURES: Designer wooden pieces where the pirates have masks and eye-patches while the royals have crowns and more. The chess pieces can be used as standalone toys too – great for pretend play and fantasy games.
  • SUITABLE FOR: 4 years+ . Perfect family game to build strategic skills. Spend quality indoor time with your children in this engaging game of chess.
  • SKILLSET: A tricky game full of strategy, tactics, skill and mind power. It help in increasing the IQ, concentration, confidence, memory skills, creativity and imagination power of children.
  • CHILD SAFE & DURABLE MATERIALS: Made in India from wood using non-toxic child safe lead free paints. Certified and Tested by ASTM international toy standards.


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