Automatic Rechargeable Sanitizer Sprayer


Press button to start spraying to sanitize Money, Keys, Car, Hand, Clothes, Home, kitchen, etc.

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Home Sparkle brings you with an exclusive product – Automatic Rechargeable Sanitizer Sprayer. This Sprayer comes with an in-built rechargeable feature to charge the sprayer and disinfect your valuables. Just pour some sanitizer in the bottle and press button to start spraying. Making it Comfortable to sanitize Money, Keys, Car, Hand, Clothes, Home, kitchen, etc. It is handheld, rechargeable, and compact to make it simple and easy to operate. Fill the sprayer bottle with Alcohol-Based Sanitizer and disinfect your surroundings. Material: Acrylic Size: handhold Model Number: Nano Mist Sprayer Feature: Face Spray Color: white Water tank Packing List: 1* Automatic Sanitizer Mist Sprayer 1* USB Cable 1

  • Rechargeable: Automaticity comes with a battery powered source.This Sprayer contains inbuilt rechargeable battery to charge up the sprayer. USB plug-able charging option.
  • Handheld Sized: Making it handy and Small Sized for portable carrying option. Portable for travel sized and handheld.
  • Sanitization: Due to the pandemic, the need for sanitizing equipment and other valuable is of more concern. This automatic sprayer makes it easy to sanitize and operate.
  • Necessity : It becomes a necessity, for everyone to use this sprayer in this pandemic situation.
  • Using Direction: Just fill Alcohol based Sanitizer in it. Make sure you fully charge it before use. just Switch ON the button and sanitize your valuable


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