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Webinar On ‘Importance of Journalism in Life’

A Webinar held on the topic of “Importance of Journalism in Life.”

A one-day National webinar on the topic “Importance of journalism in life” was organized by the department of journalism of prestigious university kadi Sarva VishwaVidhyalaya, Gandhinagar, and Punruthhan trust, Delhi. The webinar started praising Lord Ganesha. Then, Mitesh Modi, study coordinator of Kadi Sarva VishwaVidhyalaya, presented a detailed introduction about the institute's study and service activities, which are meaningful and Inline with the motto of the university, “Kar Bhala Hoga Bhala.” As a Guest speaker, prof. (Dr.)Dilip Kumar (HOD, Journalism and Mass Communication, Marry coll., GGSIP University, Delhi) was present for spreading information about the importance of journalism in life.

Starting with Tulsidasji's line “Parhit saris dharma nahi bhai, Parpida sam nahi adhamai” Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kumar said that journalists always play a significant role in public awareness and do an adequate study on society's subject. Using intelligence and challenges, they inform accurate and correct information to the community. Journalists played an important role in informing about coronavirus (Covid-19) to the people and raising awareness to fight with coronavirus. In such a way, journalism help society to move on. By adding, he highlighted the problems of farmers in rural areas and other fundamental issues, as well as he also talked about jobs and opportunities for journalism students.

“Positive journalism has always become a successful journalism” living with this principle, prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kumar answers student's doubts by giving an example of ‘sloks' in elementary words. He also applauded the service activities done by Kadi Sarva VishwaVidhyalaya during Corona time and wished the students a smooth career path and a bright future.

Source:Report - Shikha Patel

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