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Invited Lecture by Dr. Gulab Kothari on the Topic “Maanas”

Monday, 27 November 2017

New Auditorium, MUJ

The invited lecture was commenced with a floral welcome to Dr. Gulab Kothari by the President, Prof. Sandeep Sancheti with a floral welcome and a shawl. Prof. Sudha Rai, Head, Department of Languages gave a brief introduction of the life and journey of Shri Gulab Kothari. Prof. Kusum Sharma critically analyzed his acclaimed works and poetry. He, then released the Sanskritik Patrika, Manipal Darpan, along with Prof. NN Sharma, Pro-President, Prof. Vandana Suhag, Registrar, Prof. Mridul Srivastava, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Law, Prof. Manju Singh, Director, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Ravi Chaturvedi, Director, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Prof. Sudha Rai, Head, Department of Languages and Prof. Kusum Sharma.
Dr. Kothari, in an interactive and invigorating dialogue with the Manipal University Jaipur fraternity, drew attention to the essential contours of life, i.e., a balance between the spiritual and the material aspect of human existence. He started with the moral principle which governs the humans and nature equally. Every living object has an ethical dimension, and it reflected in the way we live our lives. He opined that by Mana, Vachana, and Karma, we must strive for a holistic experience. We must aspire to include age-old virtues of good “Samskaras” in our education.

A “Guru” is a dev, a mother is a dev and so is a father but not just as an object but encompassing the all-pervasive spiritual dimension. He deliberated upon the idea of universality of all beings highlighting that the principle of oneness and giving governs all. He metaphorically elucidated that a seed matures into a tree giving shade to all and sundry. Similarly, a human being must transform into a generous soul providing shade to humanity. He stressed upon the inclusion of Indian spiritual values and ethics into modern Indian education system which shall result in making students a well-groomed citizen aiming for higher goals like peace and harmony in life. He ended with examples of Krishna from Mahabharata conveying that both Dharma and Karma are one, and we should aspire to a defined and decided goal of Moksha. In the end, the vote of thanks was delivered by Prof. Kusum Sharma thanking everybody for making the interactive session a success.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Rawat

Associate Professor, J&MC


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