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24th ISCB International Conference (ISCBC 2018)

Department of Chemistry, Manipal University Jaipur is hosting 24th International Conference of Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists (ISCB) from Jan 11-13, 2018 in association with ISCB.The focal theme of this conference is “Frontier Research in Chemistry & Biology Interface.” The conference would be a grand confluence of scientists from all over the globe, especially from the USA, Greece, UK, France, Poland, Slovenia, Belgium, Sweden, Italy. They would participate as a keynote/invited speakers and share their research findings on drugs, chemical sciences, bio-nanotech, chemical biology, glycol biology, and biochemistry. The conference is supported by DST, New Delhi, DST Govt. of Rajasthan and ICMR.

. The Chief Guest of the three day International conference will be Dr. Girish Sahni, Secretary, DSIR and DGCSIR and the Guest of Honor will be Prof. M. M. Sharma, Institute of Chemical Technology, and Mumbai.

The welcome address delivered by Prof. Vandana Suhag, Chairperson, ISCBC-2018.S Prof. K.Ramnarayan Chairperson Manipal University Jaipur shall throw light on the various initiatives taken by Manipal group in the field of healthcare and education. Prof. Sandeep Sancheti President Manipal University Jaipur will highlight the salient features of the University with emphasis on research and innovation While Dr. P.M.S Chauhan, General Secretary ISCB will provide an introduction about ISCB, and the Presidential address delivered by Dr. Anamik Shah, President ISCB. The Indian Society of Chemists and Biologists (ISCB) has around 600 members involved in a wide range of scientific and technical research.

During the three-day conference, many eminent scientists and technologists of India and overseas will be deliberating on self-reliance, sustainability & affordability of pharmaceutical.

Substances by improving process chemistry through innovation. The conference addressed by more than 60 senior scientists. Additionally, it has attracted more than 500 young researchers & post-doctoral researchers from India and abroad, who will take part in numerous oral/poster presentations. In particular, the scientific program, besides the inaugural function, includes 1 Keynote lecture, 12 Plenary lectures, 48 Invited lectures by the eminent scientists. Furthermore, 64 oral presentations by the young researchers are also scheduled.

An abstract containing the presentations made during ISCBC-2018 released by the scientific committee of ISCB.

ISCB would be awarding Dr. A. K. Ganguly (Director INST, Mohali) with the ISCB Excellence Award 2018. Dr. Rajneesh Misra (IIT Indore) and Dr. Vijay Kumar Prajapati (Central University of Rajasthan) conferred ISCB Young Scientist Award. Dr. Vinita Chaturvedi (Senior Principal Scientist, CDRI) awarded ISCB Distinguished Women Scientist Award. Dr. Dalip Kumar (BITS Pilani ) and Dr. Mahesh C. Sharma (Rajasthan University) awarded ISCB Best Teacher Award, and Dr. Dharmendra Singh (IIT Madras) will be given the Best Thesis Award 2018 in the inaugural function.

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Rawat

Associate Professor, J&MC


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