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The Magic Of Henna Shades

Henna is used to adorn and decorate human hands. Henna looks beautiful on fair hands, its red colour suits the fairness of the skin. Henna is now famous in Jaipur. Its usage has increased in the Pink City as well. Henna was earlier symbolic of a married woman's destiny, now it is used by everybody. Henna is first mixed with water, then filled in a cone and applied to the hands in any design according to the wishes of the applicant. Once it is dry, a mixture of lime and sugar is applied on it. This increases the colour of the henna on the hands. Applying henna on the hands is being done everywhere in Jaipur. You can see people proficient in the art sitting outside shops, applying henna as per the demand of the customer. Detailed minute henna work is done if the customer demands so. One hand is done from Rs. 25 to Rs. 500. A bride's hands can cost from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500. Jaipur is very attracted towards the tradition of applying henna on the hands.

These days it is fashionable to apply henna. It is available ready for use in the market as well. All one has to do is keep the design on the hands, press it a little on the hands and the design gets imprinted on the hands. The next day it automatically gets washed out. The henna is applied in various designs such as traditional Rajasthani or Arabic as per the choice of the customer. Henna is also used for the hair to dye and condition it. Boys also use henna for these purposes. It is not harmful and no one complains of it giving allergies of any sort. Henna is also used for tattoo art that is made on the arms and shoulders. These are also available in various colours. People from all over the world come to Jaipur and apply henna on the hands and get tattoos made on their bodies in Jaipur. Henna is applied during festivals here in the Pink City, like Raksha Bandhan, Teej, Diwali etc. During weddings, all the women of the family apply henna on their hands. Applying henna is an entire ritual during weddings in the Indian tradition, where the groom sends henna to the bride and the bride is applied that henna while the women of the house sing songs to her. This is an occasion for dance and festivity as well. This is the magic of Henna in the Pink City.

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