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About Samode

Samode is located some 40 km from Jaipur and 264 km from Delhi in the Aravali range. The 475-year-old palace is a celebration of the senses, underlined at all times by contemporary luxury and the signature service of Samode hotels – a magical hospitality and rare courtesy. The inside of the fort reflects expressions of the medieval architecture that is renovated a bit for converting it into a Heritage Hotel and open courtyards in the centre have separate wings on the sides that extend to 43 spacious rooms and suites having private balconies.

The Durbar hall of Samode Palace is one of the most attractive and beautifully painted chambers with glass and minakari work. The same goes for the private restricted spaces, meant for the women of the family. The Durbar Hall is literally painted all the way to its lofty ceilings. High fanlights let in natural light giving the room a glow that is unparalleled.

Take a jeep safari around the villages and fields, visiting local shrines, bazaars – drive through for a coffee or a meal to the royal gardens of Samode Bagh. For the more adventurous visitor, horse and camel safaris are available

Samode Palace was meticulously restored and transformed into one the country's premium palace hotels in 1987, and is a perfect example of Rajput-Mughul architecture


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