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Queen’s Canopies

If Gator's Canopies are the memorial site of the Kachwaha Kings, then the Queen's Canopies are royal queen's remembrance as well.

Located on Amer Road near the Rajgarh crossing this ode to the queens of Jaipur is within the ambit of the City Palace constructions. Besides the festival of Holi the Queen's Canopies are open to visitors throughout the year.

When the capital of the Kachwaha Kings was in Amer then this too was located within Amer itself but after the city of Jaipur was built the royal family came to live in Chandramahal at City Palace and the Queen's Canopies came to be located where it is today.

Here Queen Jodhan, Jodhi Rani, Queen Chandravat, Queen Jhali and their aunts and nieces are commemorated. The wife of King Sawai Madho Singh II Maharani Jodhan is commemorated in a canopy which is particularly known for its beauty and detail in architecture. Mughal and Rajput influences highlight the grandeur of this huge structure. Various motifs are engraved into the canopy that reflect the queen's love for music. Apart from this towards the right on the entrance of the Queen's Canopies are two small canopies called the aunts' and nieces' canopies.

When one visits these canopies one gets a sense of the queen's histories, a deep sense of mystery, intrigue and emotion interwoven with the Rajput history of Jaipur. Such is the effect of the Queen's Canopies on the senses of the individual, where the once vibrant and effulgent queens lie quiet in their peace, in the finality of death and grandeur.

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