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Aatish Market

Aatish Market

In the north direction of Hind Hotel situated in tripolia bazaar is the door rectangular surrounded from four corners with the shops around. Presently the market is known as Aatish Market. Crossing Atish market is the door for Gangauri bazaar and also leading to the seventy four doors to chandni chawk.

At the time of the monarchy, this place was horse keeping region where the royal people, ministers and politicians used to knot their horses. Horses were provided with verandas, fodder and water sources all over the corner of the rectangular region. With the end of capitalism when kings ruled were terminated, the rectangle changed to the market.

Mauhram and Royal Tajiya:

On the occasion of Mauhram, the royal tajiya is held by the royal families of Jaipur from Aatish market itself. This famous royal tajiya is made by gold and silver ornaments and jewellery and is maintained at the door of the Aatish market. This royal tajiya tradition in Jaipur is the statement of king’s secularism. This tradition began around 50 years back and is still maintained from the royal families and even today, the royals leave the tajiya from the Aatish market only.

The royal tajiya leaves from Aatish market and cross Badi Chaupar, Sirhyodi Bazaar, Chandi ki Taksaal, Subhaash chawk and finally passes through karbala situated near to the JalMahal and is taken back to the market and not burying.

The ritual of taking the tajiya from royal palace to karbala was started by late king Sawani Ram Singh. Taking the royal Tajiya has a legend story behind that. It is said that When the King Sawani Ramsingh was badly ill and there was no improvement in his condition, then the royal Musician Ustad Rajab Ali khan advised him to tie a string on the tajiya. The king followed the instructions and in result, he noticed a huge improvement in his health. From that incident, he made this ritual of celebrating and thanking royal tajiya every year in this manner. According to another historical fact, after Nawab faiz ali khan becoming Prime minister, the official information on tajiya was gained by Rajprasad.

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