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Jewelry In Seoul

Platoon kunsthalle’s in Seoul is now the one destination to visit the fusion of art with fashion. The building allows the people to look up on the amazing piece of art in the form of fashion. What one expects from an art gallery? A simple and formal looking building which has art pieces displayed. But this building somewhere symbolizes the new definition to the art. The fashion apparels, accessories and many linked things are the display board chief in the building which defines some sort of art. One of the fashionable arts in the building is demonstrated by yun yeon jae who sits with her friends on the second floor of the building and sells the bracelets. The jewelry seller by yun yeon jae is unique in its own way, as it defines her creativity into it. Yes, guessed it right, she sells the handmade bracelets which she made by her win innovation and creation. The jewellery that she is known for is extremely beautiful and unique in it so own way. Just as the jewelry of jaipur which defines unique in its own designs and patters. is the perfect site which demonstrates the richness of jaipur jewelry defining him Indian rich culture and traditions. Her small tiny shop shrines to the theme of this art gallery as her innovations are the piece of art which demonstrate the application of fashion with it. The handmade bracelets by yun yeon jae is famous in the neighbourhood which ultimately defines her success into the same. On special orders, her type of jewelry can be expanding in the means of pendants and other accessories as well. The handmade jewelry by yun yeon jae is just a small piece of exemplar in platoon kunsthalle’s. The entire building is flourished with many such tiny creative things. The building is so built that every visitor in the building can enjoy the view of the hall of the building from any floor through railings. The architecture of this building is a success in its own shell. Every visitor in the building have positive perceptions about the building, most of them agreed to the fact that this buildings serves as the best and first piece of amazement when looked up as the art gallery. Rarely any Korean audience has seen such a building in the town which residents the art and fashion both under one roof. This is one of the segments behind the success and popularity of this building. The great stars and celebrities are expected to visit this place in Korea because of its amazing interiors and success stories. The interiors of the building are so pleasing and refreshing that it attracts very style of people to atleast visit once this building the soothing aroma and pleasing ambience inside the building is so pure that people from over the world wanting to visit this building. The theme of the building is unique in its own way, as this building is supposed to be the first art gallery in Korea which offers the fusion of art with fashion. The people from different fields of art and fashion treat this place as their Disney land as they are flourished to experience the new era of art and fashion together in one shell. The different forms of art cusioned with fashion are the perfect exemplar of amazement in this small world. How creative can be the minds of human, can be seen under this roof. From the theme of building i.e. art and fashion to the interiors and aroma of the building, every piece refines the definition of creative and innovation taking it to the next level of the same.

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