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Lounges in Jaipur

Place where you can sit, relax, booze and eat and have a light chit chat with your friends, family and loved one is nothing but the lounge. It would not be wrong if we call lounge as the hybrid of club and pubs. They give you the vibes of a pub and laxness of a bar. Only difference between lounge and a bar is that there is no dance floor in lounges but music is there in fact wide ranges of music is played in lounges. Drinks are very much similar and you will look cool without the fear of being asked for dance. But if you have a passion of clubbing and dancing then it would be a challenge for you to dance on the seat.

Jaipur is now growing towards modernization; lounges are replacing the old style restaurants and bars. Lounges are good for the professional people who hardly take time to dine out because of their busy schedule and who are sophisticated and don’t like fast and loud music. They can relax, dress up in the lounge. In fact lounges are not only attracting the business class people but also the youth as they have comfortable siting arrangement and play a wide range of music.

Here are the best known lounges in Jaipur reason. Hope this article will help you to find the place of your choice.

Orca lounge

Orca is located near the Rambagh circle of Jaipur. It is a roof top lounge. It offers you a wide range of cuisines and wines. It includes live music and karaoke. Obviously happy hours are also present. It’s a quite expensive lounge for Richie rich people.

Lounge 18

Lounge 18 is the daughter venture of 5 star hotels Marriott. It is one of the best and comfortable lounges in Jaipur. This lounge opens from 3 to 12. In day it offers tea and lite and in night you can get a wide range of wine, cocktails and tapas.


Grunge is a fashion and music lounge located at the Durgapura area of Jaipur. As the name suggests its innovative food will stimulate you taste buds. It is a perfect place for party. Best feature of this lounge is they provide live music and karaoke every Wednesday. Happy hours are between 4 to 10 pm every day. They have a notable wine list and all types of food and drinks available. Celebs also visit this lounge frequently.

Oopper Restolounge

It is multi cuisine Resto-lounge located at c-scheme of Jaipur. They have a variety of wine and can be a best choice for the wine lovers. Roof top dining arrangement adds four moons to its ambience. They have a wide variety of dishes available.

Sheesha lounge

Sheesha lounge is located near Khasa kothi circle of Jaipur. This rooftop lounge has a specially of providing hookahs. A wide range of flavoured hookahs are available. Appetizers and fast food is mind blowing. It has an amalgam of tradition and modernization. Traditional furniture blended with the modern aesthetic decorations. You would love to enjoy food and drink with music.

Sheesha is a cheaper than other lounges so it is the best choice for the students. You will always see it crowded with energetic young peoples.

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