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Young men created chaos; buses burnt

Chaos has been continued on the matter of Railway recruitment on the second day.  In Govindgarh  village of Jaipur district, youth who got failure in the regional army recruitment created commotion in village and railway station and started breaking things. Police arrested more than 40 crooks. Many Jaipur-Sikar trains got late due to this chaos. Youth reached to station and started creating chaos there. When soldiers tried to expel them, they provoked. In a minute, scene of the station changed. Youth determined to sabotage.  The outrageous people set the engine of a train on fire, which was extinguished later on. Crooks damaged signal and cabin, threw stones on the railway-track and damaged railway property. Police explained thousands of people who reached railway station and vacanted the platform . People who came for army recruitment threw stones on Lahore train, which led to hurt many passengers. According to police, outrageous people created chaos in Govindgarh and Jaipur-Bikaner national highway. They set three motor-cycles, buses of roadways and police bus on fire and broke mirrors of trucks and other vehicles. To control crooks, police has to release tear-gas. Many police men got hurt in the incident. Police took more than 40 people in the custody.

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