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Provide the report on abortion in two months

The High Court has directed concerned courts about submitting the report of cases on embryo examination in two months under the PCPNDT Act. Court has conveyed to the State Government that the cases on the verge of deciding the accused should declare it soon and the accused party should get warrant. Court has demand the answer for having sonography machines without silent observers and not attaching the list of gifts in marriage registration process. The hearing is scheduled for May 21. The Chief Justice Arun Misra and bench of Justice N.K. Jain have issued this interim order on the petition of Advocate S.K. Gupta. An application submitted in the court mentioned that IT companies have created software called Silent Observer, which helps in finding details about sonography test. After installing this in sonography centres, actions can be taken against the people who are not obeying the PCPNDT act. In a separate application, they further requested to attach list of gifts taken in the marriage during marriage registration process under the marriage registration act, 2009. In parallel to this, Government has provided the information that 308 cases are pending under PCPNDT Act. Court demanded answers on both of the applications.

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