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Petrol price increased; Reached to Rs. 77.27 for Jaipur

With the completion of UPA Government's three years, public is burdened with dearness. There is a sudden hike in the petrol price. It is costlier by Rs.7. The increased price will be levied from the midnight. For Jaipur, petrol price would be Rs.77 now. So petrol will be charged Rs.9 more after including tax. At one side, petrol pumps are flooded with the vehicles on Wednesday as petrol was not supplied from the morning. This led to create situation of mismanagement on the petrol pumps. To make the administration work properly, pump managers had to call extra guards. The situation of mismanagement was created on the petrol pumps of Subhash Chauk, Tonk road, Ajmer Road Chung and Ghat gate. Though there were 5 petrol pumps on Aamer Road, 4 out of 5 including HPCL petrol pumps didn't have petrol. People waited for hours to get petrol. Petrol was available in the morning, but after evening maximum petrol pumps put the notice of ‘Petrol Not Available'. Reportedly, HPCL petrol pumps are not getting petrol supply from last two days. That is why supply of petrol in the city got disturbed.

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