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Oil spilled on road : People got into trouble

There was a news that oil was stolen from the pipe lines of IOCL just a day ago. And now, on Sunday, a chaos occurred near IOCL, when people saw crude oil spilling on a road. Once again, Indian Oil Corporation was caught into a big accident at Sitapur. Crude oil pipe exploded, which led to drenching many factories because of the pipe leakage resulted into an oil foundation. Meanwhile, around a dozen of fire brigade vans reached to the spot. This incident took place at around 7.30 in the morning. Suddenly leakage took place at the Mundra-Panipath pipe line terminal. The crude oil with full force started flowing towards Panipath. A fountain of about 50 meter height was an outcome of this leakage. This fountain crossed 2-3 factories, which were behind the terminal. Because of this oil was spilled on the factories, people from other factories came out of their offices and they got horrified.

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