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Fingers Pointed against Baba Ramdev once again

Once again, Baba Ramdev has become people’s target. Because of the controversial statements he is being criticized again. This time he has targeted Amir Khan. He told that the episode of Styamev Jayate that was based on female foeticide was not targeting to solve the issue of female foeticide, but it was made to make money. Baba told that girl will be saved when people will stop taking dowry. The Parliamentary Secretary Ramesh Meena of Rajasthan has also raised questions on Amir's show. Meena told that Amir is doing stunts to raise the TRP. Rajasthan Government is carrying

out a campaign to stop female foeticide. The Health Minister of Rajasthan, Raj Kumar Sharma, criticized Aamir’s shows Satyamev by saying that he is just making money. An answer to this criticism was given by Prahlad Kakad in a talk show saying that Amir Khan denied an ad campaign of more than a crore rupees just for this show.

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